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Global Greens get together in Lima

Green women at the Lima FPVA meeting
Green women at the Lima FPVA meeting

Greens from all over the world got together in Lima during the COP20 Conference between 1 and 12 December 2014. It was a key occasion to gather together representatives from our Global Greens Federations: Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Unfortunately, the African Greens could not be present in Lima.

Seizing the opportunity, we organised a press conference on 10 December with Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Canadian Parliament; Christine Milne, Leader of Australian Greens and Senator for Tasmania; Yujin Lee, Director of the Policy Committee of South Korea’s Green Party; and Stina Bergström, representative of the Swedish Parliament and member of the Swedish Green Party.

The Global Greens’ presence in Lima also brought about extraordinary opportunities to interact with civil society: for example, at the People’s Climate March or when, within the COP20 premises, I had the chance to talk to Jonathan Charete, a member of Peru’s indigenous community. I was also interviewed by the National Peruvian TV where I talked about the Greens and about my personal views about the ongoing negotiations.

I was able to talk to a number of Green leaders from around the world (click on the links to listen to the interviews). First of all, from the host country, the leader of Peru’s Alternativa Verde, Alex Gonzales, stressed the need for binding agreements and also defended a selective approach for different countries to choose which measures they prefer to apply. Rosy Guzman, a green Peruvian woman talked us about empowering women. Elizabeth May, first elected Green member of Canadian Parliament, called for more Green representatives in governments around the world in order to be able to push for a better climate agreement. US Greens representative Jill Stein was also very active, particularly regarding civil society movements and the need for the political pathway provided by Greens; she introduced the idea of organising a coordinated action for next summit in Paris. Alex, Jill and Elizabeth attended the 15th Annual Meeting of the Green Parties of the Americas in Lima, which took place during the first weekend of the summit. From Australia, the leader of Australian Greens, Christine Milne, was also present at the COP, as she has been since COP4 in Buenos Aires and stressed the need for an agreement consistent with the science. Finally, I also had the chance to talk to a European representative, Bas Eickhout, member of the European Parliament, who shared his views on the COP20 negotiations and the role of new EU Commissioner for Climate Action.

Global Greens participated in the Heinrich Boell Foundation dinner, organized by Silvia Brugger, Director Climate and Energy Programme. We discussed how Europe and Latin America can ally for a fair and ambitious global climate agreement. I went there with Fabiano Carnevale from Brazil Green Party.

Global Greens also joined the Green Breakfast where we were briefed by the Director of Climate Action Network Europe and each participant shared what their own government and delegation was planning for the negotiations. Delphine Chalençon, Climate Change Campaigner for the Green Group, organised this event and leaders such as Yannick Jadot, French MEP gave interesting contributions to the debate.

During the COP and these and other activities, Greens around the world were present with non-stop agendas. They included: Carole Dieschbourg, Environment Minister of Luxembourg from the Greens who will chair the EU Ministers' Environment Council for the second half of next year and Green MP Henri Kox, Chair of the Environment Committee of the Luxembourg Parliament; Bärbel Höhn and Annalena Baerbock, Green leaders from Germany; Åsa Romson, Minister for the Environment and Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden in the Swedish Government; Oras Tynkkynen, Member of Parliament from the Finnish Greens... and more besides! This time, it was not possible to meet all of them. I wish Global Greens could meet them during the next year, maybe for the next COP21 in Paris.

This has been my first COP experience and my first time in Lima, Peru. I had two weeks full of exciting experiences, interesting people to know and meet, activities to organise and join everywhere everytime, and a lot of work. I came back to Brussels with the satisfaction of work done, disappointment about the Lima agreement, but with the conviction that we need the presence and growth of a strong Global Greens movement.

By Verónica Juzgado, Executive Secretary of the Global Greens

Green women at the Lima FPVA meeting

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