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Global Greens declare their support for Transparency and Protection of Citizens’ Privacy

The Global Greens strongly condemn the widespread indiscriminate espionage revealed by US whistleblower and former National Security Agency (NSA) employee, Edward Snowden, and declare their support for his courageous conduct. In revealing the existence of massive data surveillance and listening systems such as PRISM and Tempora operated by US secret services, often in cooperation with those of other countries, Mr Snowden has done the world a service. The Global Greens, the network of more than eighty Green parties around the globe, say it is totally unacceptable that fighting terrorism is used as a pretext to spy on entire populations and carry out mass diplomatic and commercial espionage.

The fight against terrorism should be conducted under strict legal control that upholds human rights and democracy and respects citizens’ privacy. The public outrage sparked by Edward Snowden’s revelations was followed by one of the most embarrassing episodes in modern international diplomacy. Bowing to pressure from the US Obama administration, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, in complete violation of international agreements, closed their airspaces to Bolivian President Evo Morales and forced an emergency landing in Vienna because they held an unfounded suspicion that Edward Snowden was on the plane.

In contrast, citizens of these countries together with their respective Green Parties and many other social and political organizations overwhelmingly expressed sympathy and admiration for Edward Snowden and called for him to be granted asylum. The Global Greens applaud the willingness of countries including Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua to offer asylum to Edward Snowden.

For the countries that have collaborated with the US in establishing mass surveillance, we urge their parliaments to establish commissions of inquiry to shed light on the activities of their intelligence agencies and to ensure that international legal norms that should regulate the protection of privacy and respectful coexistence between states are respected.

We encourage all green parliamentarians and parliamentary friends to strengthen the international legal framework to end this widespread illegal spying regime. The Greens will always be on the side of those who defend democracy and dignity, transparency and citizens privacy. 

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