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Global Greens call for urgency and commitment in Doha

There is no planet B. Image, Marc Kjerland
There is no planet B. Image, Marc Kjerland

As parties to the UN Climate Convention meet in Doha from 26 November to 7 December, the Global Greens note with alarm assessments from many major global institutions that the world is facing a climate catastrophe unless urgent action is taken.

In recent weeks --

  • the United Nations Environment Program reported that the gap between actual emissions and those needed to stem global warming is growing;
  • the World Meteorological Organisation recorded record levels of CO2 and other climate pollutants in the atmosphere; CO2 levels reached 390.9 ppm in 2011 compared with 280 ppm before the industrial revolution;
  • the World Bank warned that we are on track to a 4°C warmer world marked by extreme heat waves and life threatening sea-level rise, with the consequences borne largely by the world’s poorest regions;
  • the International Energy Agency found that global energy system is on an unsustainable path and, to reach even the (inadequate) goal of limiting warming to 2°C, two-thirds of fossil fuel reserves have to stay in the ground.

Greens call for the world’s governments to act on these warnings and commit to an ambitious and effective Kyoto Protocol successor agreement, to be negotiated by 2015.

According to the resolution adopted by the Global Greens Congress in Dakar in April 2012, urgent actions should include:

  • providing renewable energy for all;
  • meeting climate financing pledges with new funds in the form of grants, not loans;
  • eliminating fossil fuel subsidies by 2020;
  • phasing out the production and use of coal and banning new unconventional fossil fuel projects;
  • stopping deforestation and degradation of natural forests by 2020;
  • phasing out the use of nuclear power.

Time is running out but it is not yet too late – the Greens look to the nations meeting in Doha to show the leadership so desperately needed.

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There is no planet B. Image, Marc Kjerland

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