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GG News: Taiwan Greens call for peaceful response to Taiwan Sunflower Student Movement

The Taiwan Sunflower Student Movement (太陽花學運), also known as the March 18 Student Movement (318學運) or Occupy Taiwan Legislature (佔領國會事件), is a protest movement that began on March 18, 2014, in the Legislative Yuan and continues to spread.

Tens of thousands of people from around the country have joined the demonstrators.

Green Party Taiwan is actively supporting the protest movement and calling on the Taiwan government to resolve the issues by peaceful means including through a participatory process to address all the issues raised by the students.

This citizen occupation of the legislature is the first in Taiwan’s history.

It was sparked by the passing of a trade agreement between China and Taiwan (the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement) amid fears that it will hurt Taiwan's economy and increase Taiwan’s vulnerability to political pressure from China.

The occupation has moved beyond simply protesting against the free trade agreement and escalated into popular frustration with President Ma Ying-jeou and his KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) government, including lack of transparency and participation by citizens as well as failures to address social, environmental and economic issues.

The government’s response to date has included violent tactics and there are fears that violence could escalate.

Green Party Taiwan asks Greens globally to support the peaceful civil society movement and help ensure that the eyes of the world are on the Taiwan government’s actions.

Specific requests
1.  To express support by writing directly to President Ma and publishing short video clips
2.  Members of the Global Greens, particularly those with members of parliament or locally elected officials, to write to their counterparts in the Taiwan government expressing concern and support for participatory democracy in Taiwan

Taiwan Green Party:
Taiwan Voice:
Recent CNN report:

Green Party Executive Board Member, CHIU Hua-mei, who is also a professor of sociology at Chung Shan University, joined a group of students that came up to Taipei from Kaohsiung to support the occupying students


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