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Eva har hela världen som arbetsplats i sitt nya uppdrag i GGC (Jennie Sundberg)
Det var vid EGP-mötet nyligen i Utrecht som Eva Goës valdes till ordinarie ledamot i Global Greens Coordination. Jag känner mig hedrad att få ett sådant fint uppdrag. Jag kommer att arbeta med förberedelser inför kongressen och utveckla organisationen så att den stabiliseras. Som Global Greens fundraiser har jag ett tufft jobb, säger Eva Goës. Read more
Two new Green Ministers were appointed. Karolina Skog, until now mayor in Malmö, will be new Minister for the Environment. Peter Eriksson , presently MEP, will be Minister for Housing and Digitalisation. Newly elected Green Party Spokesperson Isabella Lövin will in addition to serving as Minister for International Development Cooperation will also become Minister for Climate and deputy Prime Minister. Read more
The Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN) is active and running! While we await the Global Greens and European Green Party joint Congress in Liverpool 2017, to be able to meet in person, we are busy working on Women's Academy webinars and launching a GGWN Mentorship Programme. Read more
受訪者: 李根政, 台灣綠黨的前共同召集人(資料照,顏麟宇攝)
In 2012 the Greens received nearly 230,000 votes (1.74%), and this year the Green Party and the Social Democratic Union coalition received 308,000 votes (2.53%). Although there is growth, we were still unable to cross the party vote threshold of 3.5% and the non-constituency (list) threshold of 5%. Pre-election polls had indicated that we could break through, but in the end there was a significant gap between our expectations and the election results. Taiwan's presidential elections this year... Read more
受訪者: 李根政, 台灣綠黨的前共同召集人(資料照,顏麟宇攝)
這次選舉對台灣很重要的意義是:代表著威權統治的國民黨倒台了,台灣完成了第三次的政黨輪替,對於一個剛起步的民主國家,我覺得這一點是蠻重要的。當然這是因為從2008年到2016年這段時間國民黨執政造成了更大的社會矛盾,蓬勃的公民運動在第一線跟國民黨衝撞角力,是促成這一波政黨輪替的主因。民進黨在這幾年的公民運動中貢獻很少,但卻是政治上最大的受益者。第二個觀察,這是台灣史無前例的政黨票競爭,共有18個政黨,上屆(2012)是11個政黨。 2012的大選,人民對政黨票的理解很少,但這次政黨票競爭激烈,連二大黨都在告急搶政黨票。整體而言,人民對政黨票的了解比上次選舉較多。2012年綠黨拿到了將近23萬票 (1.74%),而這次綠黨社會民主黨聯盟(簡稱綠社盟)拿到了30萬8,000票(2.53%),雖然有成長,但是沒有跨過3.5%的政黨票門檻和5%不分區立委門檻。選前整體的社會氣氛甚至民調都顯示有可能突破,但最後卻沒有,這個結果和我們期待有落差。 我們的支持者使用臉書的比例蠻高的,一些網友開玩笑說我們在臉書上看起來像最大黨,因為在Facebook上到處可以看到支持我們的人。... Read more
GGWN logo
The Global Greens Women's Network held its first webinar on 16 April. If you missed hearing it live, listen to the presentations now. Click here to listen, and the transcript is copied below. Our wonderful speakers from around the world are: Metiria Turei - Member of the New Zealand Parliament and co-leader of the Green Party Maria Wetterstrand - Former spokesperson for 9 years in Sweden, former Member of Parliament Julia Duppre - Former Parliamentary Candidate for Rio de Janeiro in Brazil... Read more
After a turbulent few weeks, with the resignation of Minister of Housing, Mehmet Kaplan, and the announced resignation of Åsa Romson, Minister for the Climate and Environment, the Swedish Green Party gathered for its annual party congress in Karlstad on May 13-15. Every second year, the Swedish Green Party holds themed congresses, and the main theme of the congress this time was global sustainable development, with a resolution being passed on the issue. A resolution on urban development was... Read more
A Global Greens statement was produced to coincide with the Paris Agreement signing ceremony which took place in New York in April. The Global Greens campaign invited Green members in national parliaments to identify one fossil fuel reserve to leave in the ground and at least one fossil fuel subsidy to abolish or phase out and take legislative action accordingly. We also invited national Green Parties to submit their particular initiatives and to put out a press release on the day. No... Read more
(Photo: Marty Melville/Bauer Media)
When I was an MP, I used to tell people that I went into politics to use my voice. Yet at the end of three years in Parliament, I had lost my voice completely. Former New Zealand Green MP Holly Walker advocates for Members of Parliament to be able to combine parenting with politics. Read more
Zur Unterzeichnungszeremonie für das Pariser Klimaabkommen bei den Vereinten Nationen in New York erklärt Annalena Baerbock, Sprecherin für Klimapolitik: "Heute ist ein wahrlich guter Tag für den globalen Klimaschutz. Mit der Unterzeichnung des Abkommens geht der Klimavertrag von Paris nun in die entscheidende Ratifizierungs- und Umsetzungsphase. Und das wird höchste Zeit. Denn nachdem Bundesumweltministerin Barbara Hendricks den Erfolg von Paris mit den Worten "Jetzt geht es los!“ feierte,... Read more
Motion by the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group to German Budestag on the signing of the Paris climate agreement – effectively anchoring climate protection and meeting climate targets. Read more
Divestment Rally
In order to meet the climate targets set out in the Paris agreement, fossil fuels must be kept in the ground, which is why the Global Greens reiterated our commitment to the fossil fuel divestment movement. Divestment is a big opportunity to amplify what has been agreed upon in Paris. It is an international movement, it is an ethical movement and it is a logical step from an economic point of view. We want to support it and strengthen it, which is why we are demonstrating here today. Read more
On Friday 22 April the climate treaty of Paris is to be signed in New York city. While some big players such as China and the US have already confirmed that they will ratify the Paris agreement in the coming months, the EU is still dragging its feet... 6 months after the COP21, the Greens in the European Parliament have produced this briefing paper to present the 5 most important points to make the Paris Agreement a reality. Read more
The Global Greens Women’s Network (GGWN) held its first Webinar on 16 April 2016, commemorating as well the same day in which the Global Greens adopted its Charter in 2001.  The GGWN invited a panel of Green Party leaders from each regional Federation of the Global Greens to speak about their experiences overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in Green politics, and was attended by 30 participants from all Federations. The panelists were: Metiria Turei, Co-Leader of the New Zealand... Read more
The Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN) was established at the 3rd Global Greens Congress in Dakar in 2012 to support and promote the participation of Green women worldwide in democratic political processes.  On April 16, 2016, the GGWN will launch its first Webinar, as part of the program of the GG Women’s Academy, with a great panel of Green Women Leaders of different continents to share experience and learn from each other. This is a very special day because it will be the Global Greens... Read more
European and Global Greens stand for a transition to sustainable renewable energy
Fukushima was the largest nuclear incident the world had seen since Chernobyl, on April 26 1986. It is a harsh reminder once again of the risks nuclear energy poses to our health and environment. Nuclear power cannot be regarded as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, and it definitely not as a source of renewable energy. Read more
30 years after Chernobyl and 5 years after Fukushima, we have not forgotten about the tragedy caused by these two nuclear accidents. The Green Party of Japan, along with Green Parties around the world, will continue to work towards a nuclear-free and peaceful future. Read more
私たちは2つの原発事故が未だに解決されず、未来に暗い影を落としていることを知っています 私たちは未だに放射能による健康被害を抱えて暮らしている人たちがいることを知っています 私たちは原発事故によって故郷を去り、避難生活を余儀なくされている人たちがいることを知っています 私たちには高い放射能に苦しむ地域のどんな小さな声にも耳を傾けるような政治が必要です 私たちにはこのような悲劇を二度と繰り返さないための社会的なコンセンサスが必要です 私たちには現在だけでなく、この惑星の持続可能性を形づくるための国際協力が必要です 私たちには核のない未来が必要です 私たち緑の党は核のない社会をつくるために行動します 私たち緑の党は持続可能な社会をつくるために行動します チェルノブイリから30年、フクシマから5年 私たち緑の党は2つの原発事故がもたらした悲劇を忘れません。 私たち緑の党は世界の緑の党と核のない平和な未来をつくるために行動します   みなさんと一緒に  緑の党グリーンズパジャン Read more
Having registered in 2013, the Green Party of Zambia is participating in its inaugural General Election this year 2016 on the 11th of August. Last year January, we participated in the Presidential By-Election, fielding Mr. Peter Sinkamba, the Zambia Greens leader who participated successfully. The elections mean a lot to the Greens as this is a potential door for a Green Revolution, championing the green agenda far and wide is in our view the best way to foster Sustainable Development, which... Read more
Today, the Global Greens commemorate and celebrate International Women’s Day on this March 8, 2016. However, we know and work as if all the days were March 8. For this day, the Global Greens Women's Network has prepared this photo collage to share with all our Members.  These months we have been working to stablish a Global Greens Women's Network and we are glad to announce that the network is already very hard with women all around the world. The Global Greens Women's Network aims to support... Read more


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