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FPVA 15th General Assembly: 6-7 December 2014 in Lima, Peru

Theme: Opportunities at the COP20: Efficiency, Cooperation and New Investments

Location: Suites Antique Apart Hotel en el distrito de San Isidro, Lima. (Av. Dos de Mayo 954)


  1. BOLIVIA: Delegates are Margot Soria Co Presidenta FPVA y Enrique Miranda
  2. BRASIL: Delegates are Fabiano Carnavale,  Julia Duppré y
  3. CANADA: Delegates are Alfredo Lascoutx, Johan Hamels y Jacqueline Romanow
  4. CHILE: Delegates are Alejandro San Martin, Felix González, Tirso González Alquinta
  6. REPUBLICA DOMINICANA: Delegate is Antolin Polanco
  7. ESTADOS UNIDOS: Delegates are Jack Ailey, Julia Willembrand y Bahraam Zandi
  8. MEXICO: Delegates are Patricia Maldonado, Leonardo Alvarez y Jorge González Torres
  9. PERU: Delegates are Flor de María Hurtado y Alex González
  10. VENEZUELA: Delegates is Delegado Manuel Díaz Co Presidente Ejecutivo FPVA


  1. ARGENTINA: Delegates are Juan Manuel Velasco, Claudia Moy Peña y Marcelo López
  2. COSTA RICA: Delegate is Carlos Arrieta
  3. GUATEMALA: Delegates are Matilde Baján y  Roberto Cáceres

Visit by Global Greens Secretary Verónica Juzgado.



Thursday, 4 december 2014




18 to 24 hs

From the airport to the hotel

Antique Suites Hotel (ASH)

18 to 22 hs

Dialogue with delegates about options within/agenda

Lobby at the ASH

19 to 20 hs

Pick-up/Distribution of flyers


Friday, 5 december 2014




8 to 20 hs

Supporting delegates needs

Coffee break, lap-tops, internet at the ASH

8:30 to 9 hs

Welcome speech to the delegates. Photos

Terrace, Antique Suites Hotel

9 to 13 hs

Dialogue and photos between FPVA delegates and Peruvian Mayors

Suites Antique Hotel, Terrace

11 to12 hs

Visit to Alan GARCIA, former-president of Peru (*)

Instituto de Gobierno, Miraflores

14 to 16 hs

Welcome Lunch with delegates

Restaurante Internacional El Dorado Av Arequipa cuadra 24. Lince.

16 to 20 hs

Visiting Voices for the Climate

Jockey Plaza Centre

20 to 20:45 hs

Transport to the restaurant

Chifa el Dorado, Av. Arequipa

21 to 23 hs



23 to 23:30 hs

Return to the hotel


Saturday, 6 december 2014




8 to 20 hs

Supporting delegates

Coffee break, lap-tops, internet

8 to 20 hs

Federation Open Meeting

Terrace, ASH

8 to 13 hs

Discussion with delegates

Terrace, ASH

13 to 15 hs


Centro empresarial

16 to 20 hs

Federation Open Meeting

Terrace, ASH

20 to 24 hs

Free time: city-tours, dinners, etc.


Sunday, 7 december 2014




8 to 13 hs

Supporting delegates

Coffee break, lap-tops, internet

8 to 13 hs

Meeting only for delegates

Terrace, Antique Suites Hotel

13 to  15 hs

Lunch with delegates

To be determined

16 to 24 hs

Free: shopping, tourism, etc



Leaving hotel to the airport



(*) To be confirmed



1. Opening of Meeting and verification of quorum

2. Approval of the items on the Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes from the General Assembly 2013

4. Country Reports:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • USA
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Dominican Republic
  • Venezuela 

5. Reflections on the future of the FPVA

6. Review Memberships (new and change of status)

7. Proposal for a Regulation of the FPVA: (discussed from the reflections on the future of the FPVA)

8. Membership payment

9. Commission Report: (to be addressed from the reflections on the future of the FGPA)

10. Motions for resolutions

  • COP20 (jointly),
  • State of Democracy (from reflections)
  • Outlook for 2015 Annual Meeting of the FGPA 

11. Closing



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