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Female Politicians and Society: East African Greens Federation Workshop Speech by Robinah K. Nanyunja


The EAGF President and your committee,

The EAGF women Leader and your committee,

Honorable members from the EAGF member parties,

Esteemed sponsors and partners,

Ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Robinah K. Nanyunja, Iam the AGF Treasurer and a member of EPU. I am very pleased for your invitation to come and share my political experience with the valuable women of the EAGF.

The road to the 2016 national elections in Uganda where I was a parliamentary candidate was full of learning and discovery within a very short period of time. I gathered knowledge and practical experiences that were unheard of in my life experiences.

First of all for any woman venturing into politics must know this important theme which I personally took time to discover,

“The society expects a lot from women, and offers too little to women”.

When you come up with a decision to stand for elections, this marks the beginning of enemies from different groups of the society. I was privileged to have the support of my family, which formed the nucleus of my strength and which accelerated me to reach the finishing line, where my score wasn’t bad, out of about 15,000 total voters, I got 9,756. The first one having got about 12,000.  

The key concepts to be a good and successful politician include the following:

The decision to run for office must be conceived by you.

Having conceived the idea, you need to put up a team of positive people who will work with you and support your mission. Majority of these people must be your party members with positive energy to advance the party for political power.

Plan for the finances, fundraise and budget for the different activities in phases ahead of time.  

Personally I defined my activities, each with a separate budget into three phases namely; the pre-campaign period, the campaign period, and the Election Day.

The Pre-campaign period:

During this period I took centre stage within the communities trying to understand real community needs that matter to people, establish working partnerships and making analysis how our green ideology can be integrated to benefit society. The results were very amazing! I discovered enormous potential that exist within our communities! Potential that is unheard of; Potential that is un-recorded and Potential that is untapped! But most importantly I was able to discover the massive potential which our green ideology can boost to unveil production required to prosper our communities.   

The Nomination & Campaign period:

This started with nominations followed by actual campaigns, and lasted for about five weeks. There are twelve parishes within my constituency. Given the time frame, I assigned to campaign in two parishes within one week, and I had a general wrap up campaign combining all the parishes. It was massive, this demonstrated the force of power women have!


The Election Day:


My constituency had 200+ polling stations, so I worked and coordinated with over 200+ polling agents and their leaders.

Conclusions/Lessons learnt:

We need unity within our parties and work together as a team to advance our parties to political power. With our slogan of “Peaceful Co-existence for Sustainable Development”, I am very sure that we can achieve this.

Thank you very much.

Robinah K. Nanyunja

Treasurer AGF

Member of EPU

Email: [email protected]


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