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The Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas and Climate Change


The Greens of the Americas have consistently shown great vitality as a result of their multicultural and historical complexity – a product of the centuries-old encounter between the autochthonous peoples and Western culture. This multicultural diversity and historical complexity are becoming the very soul of the environmental movement. In the Americas, vast mega-diverse ecosystems and natural spaces regulating climate still exist. This treasure and natural heritage is protected by the Green Parties of the region.

Three of the World's most powerful Green Parties can be found within the ranks of the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas: The Green Parties of Brazil, Colombia and Mexico represent more than 6 million votes. Besides occupying many official positions within their governments, both at the executive and legislative levels, these parties have been a driving force in the implementation of the environmental legislative agendas in their respective countries. That's precisely why it is these three parties - Mexico, Colombia and Brazil - who currently govern the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas, an international organization composed of 13 parties in the region. The FGPA was established in 1998 and for 17 years has supported the strengthening of environmental policy on the continent.

The Federation considers that global warming will not be put under control by partially reducing CO2 emissions. Indeed, we consider that the minimum required to stabilize the global climate situation should be a gas emissions plan that allows for no more than 1.5°C degrees above global average temperatures. However, we believe that the situation cannot be put under control if mankind continues its systematic destruction of ecosystems that balance out greenhouse gas emissions; that regulate the climate and that keep the forests, the seas and the oceans alive.

The only sustainable solution comprises working on the root cause of ecological imbalance and this implies the development of an environmental consciousness within humanity. We believe that the essential obligation of the Green Parties of the world is to promote living conditions that enable practical environmental awareness. Therefore our work should include:

  1. Establishing education systems that promote an alternative view of the economy and society, one where the planet is seen as the common home for humanity and where life is respected in all its forms
  2. Implementing systems of social justice in order to allow a fair distribution of wealth and to fight poverty
  3. Modifying the current economic growth-based model of exponential production-consumption

In short, the Greens of the Americas believe that COP 21 must reach a binding agreement to reduce emissions with objective of 1.5°C degrees minimum and that the fund created to help the most vulnerable nations is actually intended and used for that purpose.


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