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Elections in Bolivia

Elections in Bolivia: Morales elected for third mandate, the Greens are now a respected player in national politics.

The Bolivian general election held on 12 October 2014 was the second to take place under the country's 2009 constitution. Incumbent President Evo Morales was re-elected for a third term with 61% of the votes (5.1 million). Second was a centre-right alliance with 24.5% of the vote.

Only five parties were permitted to run for the presidential elections. The Green Party of Bolivia, recently created within the last legislative period, obtained 2.7% of the votes (two months before the elections, the polls were suggesting 0.5% for the Greens).

Margot Soria, University Professor and former member of the Global Greens Coordination, and Fernando Vargas, leader of the indigenous communities of the Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory, were the candidates for vice Presidency and Presidency.

After the elections, Margot Soria stated “the Bolivian Green Party is the real surprise of these elections. A very young party, we ran a campaign with little resources, and we are now a well respected player in the Bolivian political landscape”.

The Global Greens Coordination met in La Paz in November 2013 and supported the launch of the Bolivian Green Party campaign together with the Federation of Green Party of the Americas.

Alice Rosmi, Global Greens News team

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