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Election Success in Hamburg

Hamburg Greens 'top team', Katharina Fegebank and Jens Kerstan
Hamburg Greens 'top team', Katharina Fegebank and Jens Kerstan

Greens in the German state of Hamburg won 12.2% of the vote in elections on 15 February and are set to form a coalition government with the Social Democrats (SPD).

Read the details here (German): http://hamburg.gruene.de/wahl2015

And the summary from the European Greens:

With a victory in yet another regional election, the German Greens are on their way towards being in coalition government in Hamburg - which will be their ninth regional government out of Germany's 16.

In announcing the strong election result, where they received 12.2%, the German Greens commented: "Hamburg has voted. The Greens have achieved their goals: 12.2%, an increase of 1% from the last election in 2011. The absolute majority of the SPD [Social Democrats] has been broken. Four years of a SPD one-party government in Hamburg has come to an end."

Green leading candidate Jens Kerstan is looking forward to coalition talks with the Social Democrats: "The Greens are a policy-based party. We will negotiate hard for our issues, but we will be a good partner. The SPD will have to be flexible. Climate change has to be on the agenda, and we need a transport policy that doesn't only peer out through the windshield of a car."

The result of the Hamburg Greens is a positive signal for the German Greens at the federal level. "Greens are continuing to climb," Cem Özdemir, the national co-chair of the party, was pleased to say.

However, the result of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is disappointing. For Simone Peter, co-chair of the Greens. The task ahead is clear. "One of City Hall's main tasks will be to push back the right-wing.”

Reprinted from European Greens

Hamburg Greens 'top team', Katharina Fegebank and Jens Kerstan

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