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Eastern African Greens Federation (EAGF) Women's Network Meeting Speech by Thomas Kentos Bakyayita


Dear All

My names are Thomas Kentos Bakyayita the President EAGF and the Secretary General of the Ecological Party of Uganda.

First, I would like to welcome you all in this EAGF-WN training workshop. Thanks you for your continued acceptance to allow participating and believing all have travelled well from your home countries. On behalf of EAGF and all Executive members here; On behalf of EPU and all executive members here, you are most welcome to Kampala, Uganda.

I would like to officially welcome Chris from the Green Forum – Sweden; Vesna from the European Green Parties and Fatou from Burkina Faso the Executive Director AGF secretariat. You are all welcome and enjoy your stay here. Again I would like to thank Dorothy the Chairlady for the EAGF Women League and all your team who have worked tirelessly to see that this workshop is set and for the Swedish Greens for funding this initiative.

Today we start our workshop which its main target is the Women. Women are the best managers on this planet earth and it’s not by error that such a meeting was funded by our brothers and sisters in Sweden; Its upon you that there financial resources are put to proper use and this can be traced by your outcomes and actions back in your home countries.

The EAGF – WN vision stated that “A sustainable and respected women community whose RIGHTS are RECOGNIZED and PROTECTED”That vision clearly elaborates your strategy plan and what the communities down there expect from you. Let this meeting build your skills to see that all is achieved but the key action points or guiding principles should be:

  1. Team work – You should try your best to work as a team. In politics we always encounter differences which could come after arguments, failure to agree on issues but make sure those don’t split you. Team work will be the basis of your success.

  1. Coordination – As leaders of women, coordination is a must. In coordination, delegation of responsibilities, tasks easy workloads. This will help you enable your capacity to send messages gained from this meeting to the Green women at grassroots. A need to formulate Women committees in all your party structures should be a priority on return home

  1. Communication – As women leaders, try always to communicate within yourselves. This will help to share the good and bad experiences you encounter through your process of building a strong women Green network in the East African Region. But again don’t always fail to share with us

  1. Participatory Decision Making – In all decision you take, always see to it that all stakeholders are consulted, ideas listened to, analyzed and if fitting, incorporated into your designed activities to be implemented. If you fail on that, you will create an environment within your network of members working behind the backs of other members and this has led to downfall of many organized societies and groups

  1. Lastly Confidence – I call upon you to build your self confidence. As future politicians to vie for political offices, you have to build your confidence and compete in most of the elective posts available. Women have a better advantage in African politics but most shy away believing it’s a gentlemen role which I believe is totally wrong as research has proved you are better Managers than us men.

In conclusion, as your vision states, if you want the women rights you advocate for; you want the recognition you mention in your Vision and want protection; then it’s time now to see your action on the ground. You have to be visible. Visible with tangible and seeable activities within the communities

I wish you a blessed discussion and pleasant stay in Uganda.

Thomas Kentos Bakyayita

President EAGF and Sec. Gen Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU)

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