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Climate outlook worsens as Doha fails

Windturbines. Photo: Steve Fareham
Windturbines. Photo: Steve Fareham

The Doha meeting of parties to the UN Climate Convention failed to give the world hope or leadership on combating climate change, according to the Global Greens.

The meeting had no sense of urgency and made little real progress despite warnings by the World Bank and others that the world is heading for temperature rises of 4ºC or more.

The next three years are crucial to close the gap between the action needed to avoid catastrophic climate change and what is being offered by the world’s governments.

The Global Greens welcome the decision by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to convene a Leaders Summit in 2014 to break the deadlock in advance of the 2015 deadline for a new global agreement.

The Global Greens will be consulting with member parties and others about how best to use our resources inside and outside parliament to ensure action on the Greens’ Dakar resolution.

Key goals of the Dakar resolution include:

  • providing renewable energy for all,
  • meeting climate financing pledges,
  • eliminating fossil fuel subsidies,
  • phasing out coal and nuclear power, and
  • stopping the loss and degradation of natural forests.

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Windturbines. Photo: Steve Fareham

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