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COP19: Long Way to Go

After two weeks of intensive negotiations, the COP 19 Warsaw climate summit came to an end on Saturday. While an agreement on the three main agenda points - the roadmap to Paris for a new binding climate agreement, financing, and a decision to create a mechanism for 'loss and damage' - have been reached, the negotiations have shown a clear rift between countries of the developing world and the so called industrialised states. The results are certainly below the expectations.

Members of the Federation of Young European Greens protesting at COP19 Members of the Federation of Young European Greens protesting at COP19 

Members of the Federation of Young European Greens protesting at COP19

Commenting on the outcome Reinhard Bütikofer MEP, Co-Chair of the European Green Party (EGP) said:

"At COP, it has become strikingly clear how far today’s Europe is behind its own expectations. With its emission trading system shattered into pieces, no clear course for more renewables and with a fatigue to set standards for energy efficiency the EU cannot serve as a role model for other regions anymore.

"Europe needs to become a lead actor in climate negotiations again. But it therefore badly needs a fundamental policy change and a reform of energy and industrial policy. The EU must quickly set ambitious emissions reduction targets for 2030 and push forward with new strategies for energy efficiency. Green concepts such as the Green New Deal clearly show that our economies and society can benefit from this as well. Europe needs to finally realise that it cannot sacrifice climate policies for short-sighted crisis management. It is obvious that only if we do our homework there is a chance to make the next, decisive conference in Paris a success."

Monica Frassoni, Co-Chair of the EGP added:

“In Warsaw we all missed an opportunity to secure a comprehensive climate action plan for 2015. Less developed countries felt like they were left alone, fighting for a worldwide commitment as a part of the 2015 Paris plan. More cooperation is the answer that would benefit all of us. The European Union should take the chance to lift some burden off the shoulders of the less developed countries.”

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