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Consultations with political organisations in Rwanda on political and electoral reforms will not take place

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda would like to inform members of the media and the general public that the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations in Rwanda has today the 29th September 2016 negatively responded to its request for consultations with all political parties and organisations  on matters concerning political and electoral reforms. 

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda had decided to consult with political organisations on some points which are of great interest to all political parties, such as: securing financing for political campaigns in advance and representation of all political parties in the National Electoral Commission.   

DGPR believes that such modest reforms would have been beneficial for all political parties and organisations in the country, however, the negative response from the Consultative Forum, has complicated this noble initiative. 

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, will consider other peaceful and non-violent means to find solutions to these challenges.

Done at Kigali, 29th September 2016

Dr. Frank Habineza

President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

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