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Brazilian Green Party Concerned About Government Direction

The Brazilian Green Party demonstrates enormous concern on the current direction of the Federal Government. The government’s agendas fail to address  the important issues of climate crisis, sustainability, respect to democratic freedom and social justice.

We are in opposition and resistance to the increased rate of agrotoxic use so far documented in Brazil. Currently 169 agrotoxic substances are in use, of which 26% had been already banned from Europe Union and 48% classified as highly toxic. These are substances that have proven to contaminate the soil - including reducing fertility, poisoning our dinning tables, causing harm to human health and animals, and stifling family farming.
We are opposition and resistance to those who implement an anti-environmental agenda, with no new measures to combat Amazon deforestation, despite Brazil's commitment to end illegal deforestation in the Amazon until 2030 and also to 37% of its greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse until 2025.
We are opposition and resistance to those who immobilize the inspections and arm the deforesters, while data on the increasing pace of forest destruction and denunciations of invasions of protected areas are multiplying, as well as increasing violence against environmentalists, quilombolas, Indians and seated.
We are opposition and resistance to the Ministry of the Environment, which wants to review the rules for environmental licensing, under the pretext of speeding up the release of ventures. We are opposed to a change in the objectives of the Amazon Fund so that it will no longer be a tool for monitoring and promoting the conservation and sustainable use of the Amazon Biome and will reward those who deforest it.
We are opposition and resistance to a social security reform that disregards the different life expectancy in a country with the dimensions and realities diverse as Brazil. The proposal for a reform that disregards the life reality of Brazilian women and does not protect the poorest, even reducing the rate from 8% to 7.5%, are still those who will have to contribute for a longer time. At the end of the day,social security reform does not pay off!
We are opposition and resistance to those who facilitate the carrying of weapons. Those who want to allow restricted-use military equipment to be purchased and used by civilians; to those who want to increase the amount of ammunition that can be acquired per year and allow underage people to practice shooting without the need for an endorsement of justice. We are against opening the national market to import of weapons. All this runs against the Disarmament Statute and jeopardizes the public safety of all Brazilians.
We are opposition and resistance to those who make culture, education and science, targets of  "ideological" battle by reducing budget, cutting scholarships and interrupting research programs, thus contributing to the destruction of strategic sectors of Brazilian education.
We are opposition and resistance to those who want to dismantle the structures of society participation through the extinction of councils, such as the shrinkage in Conama (National Council of the Environment) that, of 100 participants, now has 22 members, of which only 4 are from civil society and 18 from institutions opposed to preservation.
We are the Green Party, the planetary party, which today celebrates the Green Wave, with the growth of the European Greens in the elections. The Greens are now the second leading force in Germany and also achieved good results in Finland, France and Ireland.
We are the Green Party who believes that Ecologism is the best answer to the extremist wave we face in Brazil.
Let's build our "green wave": ecological, humanist, internationalist and feminist.
Brazilian Green Party
 *Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this document are the responsability of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of this organization.

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