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Austria Elects World's First Green President Directly Elected by the People

“We congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen, the citizens of Austria and the EU with the outcome of the presidential election. It will probably be remembered as one of the closest Europe has ever seen. And it comes with a decisive symbolic message for the wider European public: Europe’s values and our shared republican and democratic goals can be defended against insurgent right-wing populism," declared Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni, Co-Chairs of the European Green Party. 

Alexander van der Bellen is the first Green President directly elected by national voters.  

Mr Raimonds Vejonis, President of Latvia since 2015, was the first Green president in the world, having been elected by the Latvian Parliament and serving as well as the Leader of the Latvian Greens.

Read more about Alexander Van der Bellen from Die Grünen's website and the Green European Journal.

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