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GGWN Webinar in French: Experiences of Female Leaders in Green Politics

You are invited to participate in the first French language webinar of the Global Greens Women's Network.

Date: Saturday, 24 September 2016

Heure: UTC 12:00 (see time conversion for your country here)

Ottawa, Canada 08:00am
Bamako, Mali 12:00
Paris & Brussels 14:00
Beirut, Lebanon 15:00
Canberra, Australia 22:00

Register - it's Free!

Subject of discussion:  

Panelists are invited to share their experiences of:

  1. their development in Green politics
  2. how they overcame challenges and seized opportunities
  3. political actions that they're working on right now.




Fadimata Bintou Touré

Fadimata Bintou Touré, 

President of the Green Party of Mali and Professor of higher education.








Carmen Budilean

Carmen Budilean

Originally from Romania and immigrated to Canada at age eight.  Since 2009 she has worked with the Green party across Canada.  In 2011 she contested in the Saint Lambert district as a Green Party candidate.  Carmen then served in the Executive Council of the Green Party of Quebec and served as well as the Campaign Director for the Green Party of New Brunswick.  Carmen has also worked as a Green Party organiser for the federational elections in 2015.  Today, Carmen is the General Director of the Green Party in New Brunswick.  She is a member of a numer of environmental groups fighting for social justice and sexual equality.


Marie Therese Merhej SeifMarie Therese Merhej Seif

Marie is a member of the political Council of the Green Party of Lebanon and Founder of the NGO "Association Humaine d’Environnement et de développement (HEAD)".  Marie is also a Member of the Arab Network for the Environment and Development (RAED), Member of the executive council for the Lebanon Environmental Forum. Marie's interest for many years is to strengthen the presence of Lebanese women in active politics.  She believes that equitable participation of women in politics and the government is essential for all democratic societies.


Catherine GrezeCatherine Grèze 

Catherine has been a Green activist since 1985 and is a member of the Green Party in France Europe Écologie Les Verts (EELV); and has served as a Member of the European Parliament from 2009-2014.  Catherine served on the Global Greens Coordination from 2001-2009 as a representative of the European Greens, and helped organise the first Global Greens congress held in Canberra, Australia in 2001, and contributed to the editing of the Global Greens Charter.



EvelyneEvelyne Huytebroeck

Evelyne is a member of the European Green Party Committee and serves as Europe's Lead Representative on the Global Greens Coordination.  Evelyne is a member of the Belgium Green Party Ecolo, and is a Belgium Member of Parliament.  Evelyne formerly served as Minister of government for the Brussels region with the portfolios on environment, energy, urban renewal, youth (social action, adoption, incarceration, poverty and disability) and senior citizens.  Evelyne has been a Green activist since 1982 and has been elected in the Brussels parliament since 1989.  Her objective is to create a sustianable city and region which reconciles economic development and job creation, environmental protection and social justice with the revitalisation of citizen participation.



  • Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Introduction (15 minutes)
  • Each Panelist speaks for 5 minutes (30 minutes maximum): 
  • Q & A discussion (45 minutes)


  • Le webinaire sera tenue entièrement françaisNous n’avons pas trouvé un bon moyen de fournir des traductions en anglais simultanément au cours du webinaire. Si vous avez des bonnes idées s'il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir!
  • Il est gratuit - mais les dons sont bienvenus.
  • Pour participer, vous avez besoin d'un ordinateur, un accès Internet et un microphone.
  • Vous devez vous inscrire afin que nous puissions vous envoyer un email un lien pour connecter au webinaire.
  • Le nombre de participants est limité, réservez dès maintenant - Réservez gratuitement ici

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