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Global Greens Parliamentary Leaders – Inaugural Meeting

GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015
GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015

Paris, 12 December 2015

The parliamentary leaders of Green parties around the world held an historic first meeting at the UN climate conference in Paris, today.

The meeting was hosted by the Global Greens Parliamentarian Association (GGPA), a group established at the Global Greens Congress in Senegal in 2012.  

Leaders from six countries attended: Åsa Romson (Sweden), Caroline Lucas (UK), Didace Pembe (DR Congo), Elizabeth May (Canada), Richard Di Natale (Australia) and James Shaw (NZ).

“This is an historic moment for the Greens parliamentarian movement”, said Dr Kennedy Graham (MP, NZ) who hosted the meeting as Convenor of the GGPA.  “The Green movement is gathering pace all around the world, and entering parliaments for the first time in many countries. Leading a political party in a national parliament is a major responsibility, and this was a wonderful opportunity for our leaders to bond together and share views and experiences.”

The meeting elected Richard di Natalle, of Australia as Convenor of the GGPA leadership group.  “I welcome this opportunity to spearhead what I think is a very exciting initiative within the green movement”, said Dr Di Natale.  “With our new Global Greens Coordinator, Ms Keli Yen, starting her role in Brussels, I believe we are going to see new and inspirational things happening in Green parliamentary politics all around the world.”

Åsa Romson, who is also Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, agreed.  “This is a useful initiative”, she said, “It’s very important for us parliamentarians to be able meet and exchange experiences on how to accelerate the green transformation”.  Ms Romson is also acting as one of the chief facilitators in the UN climate negotiations.

The group agreed that Green MPs would have their first GGPA conference alongside the 4th Global Greens congress which will be held in Liverpool, UK in 2017.

GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015
GGPA Leaders group meeting - December 2015

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