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2017 Green Projects!

To celebrate 2017, the Global Greens invites Green parties and members to support projects made by & for your fellow Greens. Here are 4 projects from the GG Women's Network, Young Greens and Secretariat - have a look & share with people who would like them too! Happy 2017!

Green parties can also propose a project for this December GG Crowdfunding initiative as well, just make sure that it's endorsed by the party, then send the project description to the GG Secretariat at [email protected], then once endorsed by your federation a project page will be created like the ones below:

  1. East African Greens Federation Women's Network Training
  2. Asia Pacific Young Greens' Election Study Tour
  3. Global Young Greens event
  4. Global Greens Website Improvement Project

In 2018 the Global Greens Secretariat will focus on showcasing projects by Green parties & Federations which exemplify how Greens are turning our vision into reality step-by-step around the globe.  We'll help by facilitating Green parties' mutual support - such as expertise, financing and friendship.  Read the "GG Website Improvement" project to learn more and help make it happen!

The Global Greens isyour community of friends and colleagues, and my role is to make it more easy and enjoyable to work together - so that we can genuinely live our Charter, in which we create a more caring society, by caring for one another.

Feel free to contact the GG Secretariat or Representatives on the GG Coordination Committee if you have any questions or would like to talk about the Global Greens's strategic & operational priorities in 2018.

Happy 2017!


Keli Yen
Convenor | Global Greens

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