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12% of all waste in Mexico is plastic

Reports from organizations like Global Ocean Commission, United Nations, and Greenpeace have been alerting of an acute augmentation of global plastic products production. The Global Ocean Commission publication established that global plastic production could reach up to 500 millions tons in 2020. The Mexican National Association of Plastics Industries informed that in Mexico 12 % of waste is plastic, more than 10 thousand tons every day.

Mexican Greens have been proposing and supporting all types of legislative initiatives to regulate the use of plastics. Among them the ones dealing with distribution and commercialization of single-use plastic products: cotton swabs, balloons and rods for balloons, glasses and their lids, trays for transporting food and applicators of tampons. Mexican Greens are also proposing and supporting that guarantee prices be regulated and fixed so manufacturers, distributors and marketers of plastic products can promote their recycling once the products become waste.

Attached is a brochure published by Mexican Greens in one of the national magazines with the largest circulation in the country. The goal is to inform the current situation, explain the environmental consequences of single-use plastic products and communicate the commitment of the Mexican Green Party to avoid a growing plastic contamination of seas and land.





























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