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Global Greens delighted and relieved at news of Colombian Green Party leader Ingrid Betancourt's rescue

The members of the Global Greens Coordination expressed their joy and relief after learning that Ingrid Betancourt, the former leader and presidential candidate of the Colombian Green Party (Partido Verde–Oxigeno), has been freed after being held hostage by the FARC Guerrilla for more than 6 years.


Electoral Effects of Green Government Participation

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The Electoral Effects of Green Government Participation Comparative Analysis

By Wolfgang Rüdig, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

April 2001

Prepared for "Greens in Power: Government Formation, Policy Impact, and the Future of Green Parties" workshop, European Consortium for Political Research April 5th-11th, 2001


No equity, if sustainability threatened

By Suresh Nautiyal


Scars of development

By: Suresh Nautiyal


Promoting Ecological Democracy in South-North Cooperation

Re-thinking the relationship between Southern and Northern civil societies in enhancing ecological democracy: A case of South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy


Uttarakhand: The Need for a Comprehensive Eco-strategy

  • Paper compiled by: Suresh Nautiyal
  • For the Seminar on Uttarakhand Issues
  • Organised by: Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

Agenda for the new state of Uttarakhand

By Suresh Nautiyal

A people with a satisfactory literacy rate of over 70 per cent, a good percentage of them with higher education, do not deserve for themselves the impoverished conditions just because they are placed in a difficult topography and are compelled to bear the hostile geographic characteristics.



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