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Global Greens networks enable global collaboration, communication and community among Green Parties.  

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Parliamentarians Network (GGPA)

Parliamentarians Network (GGPA)


A network for parliamentarians and elected representatives at national, supra-national, state, regional or local level who are connected to the Global Greens.  GGPA members work together to promote the implementation of the Global Greens Charter in parliaments and in international forums, share information about policy successes, support Green parliamentary candidates in emerging democracies and work across national borders where this can help to realise Greens policy goals.



Women's Network (GGWN)

Global Greens Women's Network


A network for promoting and supporting the participation of Green women worldwide in democratic political processes.


Global Young Greens (GYG)

Global Young Greens (GYG)


The global youth network of young green activists and organisations recognised by the Global Greens. 

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