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List of Proposals for Member Party Consideration (not for plenary vote)

Proposals that are not given formal consideration will be presented to the congress delegates by being posted on a wall of the congress venue for viewing and upon which delegates can indicate their support by writing their Member Party’s name directly on the posted form. Such texts are not considered adopted and therefore do not represent officially the view of the Congress. (Congress Procedures, sec 5.7) 

The Resolutions Committee prioritised globally relevent issues for plenary vote, whereas locally relevant issues are shared for Green parties to endorse at their local level but will not be presented for plenary vote.
The following is a list of proposals for reference by Member Parties:
Title: Proposer:
Addressing Growing Inequality Australia: Australian Greens
Alternative Progress Measurements Australia: Australian Greens
Establishment of an on-going global working group on alternatives to GDP Australia: Australian Greens  
Providing Asylum in Australia Australia: Australian Greens
Supporting Sovereignty and Treaty for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Australia: Australian Greens 
Abolish the Death Penalty in ASEAN Indonesia: Partai Hijau Indonesia
Establish A Green Equatorial Bloc Indonesia: Partai Hijau Indonesia 
Stop Ethnic Cleansing against the Rohingya Indonesia: Partai Hijau Indonesia
Stop Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines Indonesia: Partai Hijau Indonesia 
Support in Setting Up an Ad Hoc Human Rights Court for the Past Human Rights Abuses in Indonesia Indonesia: Partai Hijau Indonesia
Unveil the Truth of Sewol Ferry Disaster! Korea, Republic of: Green Party Korea
An International Court of Justice for Environmental issues. Mauritius: Les Verts Fraternels
Support for the return of CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO to Mauritius, now a US military Base Mauritius: Les Verts Fraternels
Animal-Free Circuses / Circos Sin Animales Mexico: Partido Verde Ecologista de México
Protection of Priority Species / Protección de Especies Prioritarias Mexico: Partido Verde Ecologista de México
Working Group on Mandatory Ecology Education / Grupo de Trabajo sobre Educación Ambiental Obligatoria Mexico: Partido Verde Ecologista de México
Stop Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Mongolian Green party
Respect Indus Water Treaty Pakistan: Pakistan Green Party
Global governance resolution Taiwan: Trees Party Taiwan
Liberacion de Los Presos Politicos, Respeto Al Derecho a Votar y a La Autonomia de Los Poderes Pubilcos en La Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela Venezuela: Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela

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