Tribute to Steve Emmott

29 September, 2015

On 24 September 2015 Steve Emmott, member of the Global Greens Coordination and the European Greens Committee, passed away peacefully from an unexpected illness.

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Elections galore

Vote Green
1 September, 2015
National level elections will be contested by Greens in September and October in: Portugal, Switzerland, Egypt, Canada, Poland and Argentina as well as Burkina Faso. As well there are regional elections in Catalonia and Colombia. Greens elsewhere can help with these elections by encouraging eligible non-resident voters to vote (and vote Green!) and by assisting with the campaign where this is permitted. Joel Dignan from the Australian Greens volunteered in the UK elections in May. Read his story: Read more

Brazil. Dilma no teatro do absurdo

Sao Paulo protest March 2015, Radio Interativa
31 August, 2015
In Brazil, the government of Dilma Rousseff has reached the lowest ever levels of popularity. People have taken to the streets to protest in recent months. El Niño is forecast to be intense this year which which means that in addition to economic and political pressures the government will have to prepare for large fires in the north of Brazil and floods in the south. Corruption scandals are undermining the government as well as inflation and unemployment. Difficult times for Dilma and her Partido de los Trabajadores (Workers Party)! Read more

Ram Ouedraogo running for President in Burkina Faso

Ram Ouedraogo, candidate for President in Burkina Faso
30 August, 2015
General elections and presidential elections will be held in Burkina Faso on 11 October 2015. Ram Ouedraogo, leader of Rassemblement des Écologistes du Burkina Faso (RDEB), is the Greens candidate for President and the party is running candidates in the general election also. Read more

"Green Parties, Green Future" by Per Gahrton

Cover: Green Parties, Green future
30 August, 2015
Per Gahrton, Swedish sociologist, journalist and Green politician, has recently written ‘’Green parties, Green future, from local groups to the international stage’’. The book aims to give an overview of the growing global Green political movement, its thinking, ideology, world view, basic values, organisational structure and political strength. Read more

Alianza Verde desafía El Plan de Desarrollo de Colombia

Páramo Colombiano, Luis Perez
30 August, 2015
On August 5, the Green Party of Colombia, the Green Alliance, filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court against 28 articles of the National Development Plan, arguing that contains five so-called "environmental mistakes '' that violate the environment. In addition, according to the collective participation rights, a healthy environment and public information are violated. (Spanish) Read more

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