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12% of all waste in Mexico is plastic

11 October, 2019

Reports from organizations like Global Ocean Commission, United Nations, and Greenpeace have been alerting of an acute augmentation of global plastic products production.

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Climate Action Webinar - Implementing Ambition

27 September, 2019

Green parties putting climate action ambition into practice!

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MANIFESTO Partido Verde Ecologista de Bolivia "PVE" Exigimos la Ley de Emergencia Ambiental

1 September, 2019


Partido Verde Ecologista de Bolivia "PVE" Exigimos la Ley de Emergencia Ambiental

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31 August, 2019
Governments around the world are preparing for the following two major international meetings that will determine the fate of the Paris Agreement climate commitments: the UN Climate Action Summit (23 Sept 2019) & COP25 (2-13 Dec 2019). We need to take action now to ensure our governments increase their ambition and make strong commitments that will keep global heating well below 2C, possibly 1.5C. Read more


22 August, 2019
This book is the record of a remarkable event - the fourth Global Greens Congress: a historic meeting of over 2,000 Greens from over 90 countries discussing the biggest issues of our time. Get your own hard-copy of the book here! Read more

The Polish Green Party joins the Civic Coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland

30 July, 2019
Polish Green Party has decided to join the Civic Coalition as the fourth coalition partner, ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland. As European Greens we welcome this news and congratulate our partners in Poland. There is a number of reasons why this is a very encouraging announcement indeed. Read more


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