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Asia-Pacific Greens Federation

Nepali Greens earthquake rehabilitation

On 25 April 2015 a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at 11:56am and several aftershocks followed. The April 25 and May 12 earthquakes were among the deadliest natural disasters to occur in Nepal.


Strengthening Grassroots Democracy

Green Federations / National Parties: 

Venue: Asia Pacific Greens Federation 3rd Congress 12-14 June 2015, Wellington, New Zealand

Workshop Title: "Strengthening Grassroots Democracy"

Facilitator: Eugenie Sage

Date and time: 12 June 2015, 4:30-6:00


Discussion Insights:

Why is democracy important to you?



記者陳俊廷/高雄報導, 2015-06-17 21:17




A commentary on the UK General Election 2015 - a problem of the electoral system

The UK election is over. The Green Party Korea expresses the deepest gratitude for the UK Green Party’s hard work as a member of the Global Greens. The interesting result of the election was reminiscent of Korean politics.

New Zealanders don't want the TPP

Despite all the rhetoric of ‘free trade’, historical evidence shows that deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) are designed to advance the interests of multinational companies above all else. The TPP is a multilateral trade agreement being negotiated between New Zealand and eleven other Pacific/Asian countries, including the United States. However, those negotiations are being conducted almost entirely in secret.


Greens Japan: stop TPP negotiations

Greens Japan wants to see the TPP negotiations stopped and instead work towards a different structure for a more fair and eco-friendly Asia-Pacific region

Recognizing Youth Labor

Published in Agro Times


Green Parties call for a nuclear free region on anniversary of Fukushima

March 11, 2015 marks the 4th year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The Asia Pacific Greens are calling for governments to commit to a nuclear free world and to move to clean equitable renewable energy solutions.


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