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Webinar - The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

A Global Greens webinar in collaboration with Green Party United States

In this webinar

David Schwartzman's message:

The Military Industrial Complex (the “MIC”) is at the core of 21st Century Capitalism. The MIC is the biggest threat to humanity’s and biodiversity’s future.  Having a chance to prevent climate catastrophe and avoiding the ongoing threat of nuclear war requires the dissolution of the MIC, as soon as possible, contingent on the emergence of a transnational climate/environmental justice movement with sufficient strength. Convergence with the peace and human rights movements is imperative to this goal.

Since global corporations include the main fossil fuel producers, in a world deriving 85% of its energy from this source, their carbon footprint is far greater than from direct military use.  While military expenditures are responsible for a colossal waste of energy and material resources that should be going to meet the needs of humans and ecosystems around the world (nearly $2 trillion is spent annually on global military expenditures with the U.S. spending about half the total amount), even larger are the huge subsidies going to fossil fuels with indirect costs (including negative health impacts due to air pollution).  With regard to the immense costs of the MIC, Hermann Scheer (2007) argues that nuclear and fossil subsidies are the greatest case of corporate welfare in world economic history.  

The MIC is the biggest single obstacle to preventing catastrophic climate change because it is central to global capital reproduction with its colossal waste of energy and material resources. What is also critical here is the longstanding role of the nuclear industry in the MIC. The threat of nuclear attack is a long-standing instrument of imperial policy. As Martin Luther King Jr. observed 50 years ago, the U.S. remains the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, more specifically the MIC! The Pentagon is the ‘global oil-protection service’ as well as for strategic metals necessary for the US/NATO imperial agenda, indeed for the transnational capitalist class itself.  Since the MIC has a prominent role in setting the domestic/foreign policy agenda, not only of the United States in particular, but of all the big capitalist powers, this imperial agenda blocks the global cooperation and equity required to prevent catastrophic climate change.



David Schwartzman

David Schwartzman is a member of Green Party United States.  David is Professor Emeritus of biogeochemistry and environmental science at Howard University.  Publications include: Life, Temperature and the Earth (2002) and several recent papers in Capitalism Nature Socialism (CNS). You can read more of David's articles on the website which he shares with his older son Peter Schwartzman is  David serves on the Advisory Board Science & Society, CNS, Institute for Policy Research & Development.  David is now running for DC Council At-Large as a candidate of the DC Statehood Green Party (affiliate of the national GP), as an ecosocialist. “For the many, not the few!”  and can be contacted at: [email protected]

Bodil Valero

Bodil Valero is a Member of the European Parliament (since 2014) in which she serves on the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, and is a substitute member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.  Bodil has been politically active in the Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet de gröna) since 1994.  From 2006–2014 Bodil served as Member of the Swedish Parliament for the Swedish Green Party. Initially, Bodil was responsible for migration and foreign affairs, and later was in charge of global justice issues such as climate, peace, aid, trade, arms exports and more.

Bodil is committed to working for humane solutions to migration policy for refugees and economic migrants, reducing the risks of conflict, fighting effectively against poverty, fair trade and climate justice.  Bodil is especiallly passionate about European arms exports. As a member of the Swedish parliamentary committee inquiry concerning the investigation on arms export controls (“KEX”) Bodil pushed for tougher regulations to prohibit Sweden from continuing to sell weapons to non-democracies and countries that violate human rights; and Bodil continues this work in the European Parliament.

Papa Meissa DIENG

Papa Meissa DIENG serves as the Political Advisor to the Global Greens Coordination and is the Party Leader for the Convergence des Ecologistes du Sénégal (CES).

Papa Meissa has a PhD in International Public Law and teaches Iinternational public law, environmental law, law of international negotiation, international economic law, geopolitics at Gaston Berger University (St Louis Senegal) since December 1995.


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