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Global Greens World Environment Day Statement - President Trump turns US backwards on climate - Greens commit to swift action

Global Greens World Environment Day Statement:

President Trump turns US backwards on climate - Greens commit to swift action

President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement is backward-looking, ignorant and regrettable but will not stop global momentum for climate action, according to the Global Greens.

The Global Greens say the loss of contributions from the US, the world’s richest country, to the $US1 billion Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the most shocking aspect of President Trump’s announcement. The GCF helps developing countries to keep their emissions low and adapt to unavoidable impacts of climate change.

Global Greens call on other developed countries to consider urgently how the funding shortfall can be made up so as to keep faith with the developing countries that will suffer most from climate change.

The Global Greens, European Greens and Green Party of England and Wales, just two months ago at their joint congress in Liverpool UK, re-stated their commitment to acting swiftly to meet the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Global Greens climate action will include:

  • using our power in local councils and sub-national parliaments to drive divestment from fossil fuels and commit to 100% renewable energy
  • using our influence in national parliaments to get rid of fossil fuel subsidies and end fossil fuel financing through the multilateral development banks in which they hold shares
  • using our global reach and connection with communities to drive the transformation of energy, transport and food systems to a net carbon zero future in a socially just way and to protect forests and other natural ecosystems across the world.

The Global Greens 2017 Congress agreed on specific resolutions relating to climate change and the environment:

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