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Friends of the Global Greens

Invitation -- join the Friends of the Global Greens

As environmental and social problems cross borders, Green politics needs to become global too. The Greens are the world's fastest growing political family with members in nearly 90 countries. Now we need to unite this amazing network globally! At the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, we set ambitious goals. We want to enhance Green cooperation and create global partnerships, offer capacity building, support global networks and campaigns and communicate effectively with all our supporters.

To achieve all this we need an efficient Secretariat. But right now, we lack the necessary resources – and you can help us gain them!

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By joining the Friends of the Global Greens and making regular monthly donations of whatever amount you choose, you can help the Global Greens grow into a movement with real clout!

We will acknowledge Friends of the Global Greens on this website (if you wish) and send you regular updates of the Global Greens progress. In the next Congress, which we will have in Liverpool (UK) in 2017, we'll organise a special event for the Friends of the Global Greens. We already have Friends from every continent. Take up the challenge today and become our newest Global Greens Friend.

Your contribution will help us support Greens working for effective climate action at all levels from local to global in this important year of decisions. It will help us create networks amongst the Green family on topical issues. It means we will be able to improve the website, have volunteers to help in the office and, in time, employ an assistant for the Global Greens Secretary.

Here is what some of our Friends have said:

Inger Schorling (Sweden):  Global Greens is my political home on Earth and keeps the Green family together

Adamou Garba (Niger): I am proud to bring my modest contribution in strengthening the Global Greens family, true foundation for sustainable development at the global level and for future generations. Do like me. Let's build together a better world.

Mark Mackenzie (Canada): There are so many critical issues that Greens are tackling head on across the globe. Support of the Global Greens is essential so that important information can be shared across borders. I support the Values and the Charter of the Global Greens.

Keli Yen (Taiwan): I contribute my money, time, energy and abilities to the Global Greens because it enables me to respond to the challenges we face as a global community.

Here are some of the Friends of the Global Greens, see all the historical FROGGs on the Global Greens' Facebook album.

RobinahFROGG - EvaMargaretGostaFROGG - CatherineFROGG - KaihsuFROGG - MerjaNorbertPennyFROGG - DatuKnappAdamou GarbaFROGG-IsabellaJean de DyckerFROGG - IngerFROGG - RusselFROGG - Monika
FROGG - MargotFROGG - BobFROGG - MatildeTomFROGG-MarielFROGG-PerFROGG-AneFROGG - SteveDanielleFROGG-AnneliFROGG - StephenFROGG - Frank
FROGG-AliceKeliFROGG - BallavFROGG - Per-IngeFROGG - EvelyneFROGG - DanielFROGG - Catherine GrezeFROGG - NiclasFROGG - JessicaFrogg- AmandaEdlir



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