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Questionnaire: Green Expat Mobilisation

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At the Greens 2017 Congress a session about “Mobilising your Green Expats” was held and participants were interested to develop more collaboration among Green Parties to win more Green votes from our nationals living abroad and from the immigrants in our own countries.

Some countries have already granted expats voting rights and new forms of representation.  As we are a global political movement, we think that Green parties worldwide could especially benefit by more consciously including expats in party campaigns, communications and making good use of their close ties to more than one country.  

This questionnaire is the start of a Global Greens democracy campaign to increase the Green votes among both your nationals living abroad (expats) and the immigrants living in your country.  The questionnaire consists of 3 topics:

  1. Expats living in your country
  2. Your nationals living abroad
  3. Your party's opinion about a few propositions

Thank you for contributing to this project to capture the Green expat vote & elect more Greens to public office worldwide!

Questions or comments?  Contact the Global Greens Coordinator, Keli Yen, at [email protected]


Keli Yen (GG Coordinator), Timur Delahaye (France), David Westsson (Sweden), Björn Stockhausen (Germany)

Name and contact information
Expats Living in Your Country
If yes, how? If no, why?
If yes, for which elections?
If yes, how?
Your Nationals Living Abroad
How? (Email, surrogate vote, at the embassy, etc.)
(Are any representatives elected only by expats?) If not, does your party campaign to allow such representation?
If yes, How? Your ideas & suggestions for how to do so are welcome.
If yes, how do these groups organise and finance themselves? Please provide a link to or English translation of the respective statute text outlining these possibilities. If No, in what circumstances would your party want to organise your expats?
If not, do you see any circumstances where this could be beneficial for you?
What is Your Party's Opinion About The Following Propositions?
Would your Green party be willing to:
1) Are you a citizen of another country? 2) Do you want to connect with the Green party of your other country? 3) Do you want to connect with your fellow expats in your current country?
If yes, how would you like to do so? Ideas are welcome.
For example: a study circle, network or Working Group discussing the global dimension of Green politics, developing their own or GG projects, or a network for exchanges with other Green parties.

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