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Local Party Twinning

Welcome to the Local Party Twinning programme

What is Twinning?

Twinning is when a Green parties at a local level (municipality, town or district) link with a Green party of an equivalent level in another country for the purposes of friendship, learning and support.


Whenever and wherever in the world one joins a Green Party, one becomes part of a global network of fellow green members & supporters – and twinning is one way to reflect this in our local party activities and promotions.

Twinning enables the local level of Green parties to have a direct experience of the global dimension of Green politics.  We do this through friendships and direct mutual support.


The decision to twin with another local Green party is entirely up to the parties themselves.  The Global Greens organisation faciiltates the process.  

Next Steps:

  1. Look at the information about other parties currently present and pick out one that you'd like to Twin with.
  2. Submit information about your local party in the form below.
  3. The Global Greens secretariat will assist in setting up the twinning relationship between the parties


  • Each party has its own Twinning Co-ordinator(s) to develop the twinning locally.
  • Organise several meet-ups per year, these can be online or in-person interactions determined by the twinning partners.
  • Local parties can twin with as many different local parties as they wish.
  • The Twinning Co-ordinators will be welcome to join a dedicated Facebook group to encourage feedback and sharing about the twinning programme. 

Apply for a Twin

The application process is designed to make it easy and support local parties apply for a twinning partner.  It isn’t an assessment on whether or not you will be accepted – every local party is welcome to become a twin.  

Start the application below.

Current Twinning Partnerships include:

Questions? Contact the Global Greens Secretariat at [email protected]

Contact Information
Include country and town name
Please give other party communications links such as for Twitter, facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc
What would your party like to do and get out of a Twinning partnership?
List the characteristics of the Green party with whom you want to have a Twinning Partnership.
About your Local Party:
(population, socio-economic, political, environmental situation)
What are your Green party's political priorities and campaigns?
Please tell us the names and positions of Greens who have elected positions in your locality.
(number of members and supporters, interest groups, regular meetings)
(e.g. via agenda item for local meeting or AGM, email briefings)
(E.g civic/local authority twinning)
We recommend regular communications with your Twinning Party involving a minimum of 2-3 of your local party members, including some remote face-face meetings. What communication methods will you be using with your Twinned party? (e.g. Skype, facebook group, etc)

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