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Host a Global Greens Webinar

Members of the Global Greens can to organise a GG webinar!  This means that the online conference call will be publicised to the GGs network, use the GG logo, if you wish you can also use the GG webinar platform.  View previous webinars here.

To host a GG Webinar, please send a written proposal to the GG Secretariat by either:

  1. Submitting the form below, or
  2. Sending the same information by email to: [email protected]

The Secretariat will then contact you to discuss next steps for organising your webinar!

Thank you!

Please include how this topic is related to the GG Charter:
Including discussion moderator. If none are proposed, the GG Secretariat will ask the Federations to recommend speakers.
Check that your time is good for as many time zones as possible using:
Will translation be provided to other languages?

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