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Global Greens Congress Delegation Identification Form:

At the Global Greens Congress each country with one or more Full Members of the Global Greens is entitled to 3 delegates with voting rights.

Please submit the form below for each person who will be on a country's delegation.

The earlier you submit this information the better, so that we can communicate relevant information to the Delegates to prepare for their responsibilities at congress.

We strongly encourage delegations to have gender balance and at least one young person (under 35).

Read more information about Delegates below or go to the Delegation identification form below.


Global Greens Statutes and Rulebook

  • A Full Member of the Global Greens is a Green Party which has been admitted by their relevant Federation and which has paid their annual subscription.
  • The Global Greens Congress is the highest decision-making body of the Global Greens.
  • Each country with one or more Full Members of the Global Greens is entitled to three delegates with voting rights.  If there is more than one Full Member in a country they will negotiate how their entitlement is shared.
  • Each country with one or more Associate Members is entitled to three delegates with speaking rights.
  • Each Partner is entitled to three delegates with speaking rights.
  • The GYG is entitled to three delegates with speaking rights.

In summary:


Full Members

Associate Members


Global Young Greens

Speaking rights

Table resolutions

not applicable

Block resolutions

not applicable

not applicable

not applicable


not applicable

not applicable

not applicable

Proxies and votes

  • Full Members may nominate proxies to participate and vote on their behalf. 
  • A two-thirds majority of voting delegates (not including abstentions) is required to pass any motion.

Recommended Guidelines for Delegate selection

Each Green Party and country may choose its own method for selecting its delegation.  However, here are some recommendations for parties to consider: 

  1. Delegations have gender and age diversity, with at least one female and one youth delegate in particular.
  2. Delegates are the representatives of their country and are either elected or appointed by their respective Global Greens Member Parties, and should have clear political mandate.
  3. Each Delegation appoints a "Delegation Leader" who is responsible for the internal organisation and distribution of responsibilities within the delegation and for communication with the Global Greens and the country's Member parties regarding the congress event.
  4. Delegations are expected to participate in the process of strengthening the Global Greens overall and the relationship with the GG Members of their country and to report back regularly from the Congress and other meetings of the Global Greens to their respective Members. 


Greens 2017 Voting Delegate Identification Form:

This form is the formal declaration of a country's voting Delegates.  All attendees to the congress, including Delegates and individual Green Party members must also register through the congress Registration page.

Global Greens Member Party
Delegate Information
Is the Delegate aged under 35?
Role and participation
The Global Greens are actively fundraising to support participation at the Congress but it is very unlikely that we will be able to support everyone who would like to attend. Please say whether this Delegate is likely to be applying for a Global Greens Travel Grant to cover some or all of the cost of participating.
Your questions and comments can also be sent to the Global Greens Coordinator, Keli Yen, at [email protected]

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