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Global Greens - Volunteer Positions Available (2019)


Volunteer with the Global Greens 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Global Greens!

We currently have the following four volunteer roles available:

While our ambition is to have 100s of volunteers working all over the world, we've limited the roles and positions to start with to ensure: a) you get the most out of your volunteer experience; and b) that we can provide adequate support and training for each volunteer.

The deadline to indicate your interest for a volunteer role is 28th July 2019. We will be talking with those of you who submit interest on a rolling basis.

Thank you again for being part of a movement for a greener and more just world!

Questions? Email Amy at [email protected] 

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Please provide the name, email and phone number of someone within the Green Party that will be your reference.

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