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Global Greens 5th Congress - Session Proposal Form

This form is for Green Parties to propose congress session topics.

Congress sessions will be hosted both in the Seoul, Korea international face-to-face event and in Green Party countries and shared online.

Congress Goals:

  1. To be climate-smart by reducing the amount of CO2 produced by participating in congress
  2. To be our core values of participatory democracy, sustainability, respect for diversity, nonviolence, social justice & ecological wisdom
  3. To be a useful and enjoyable experience that strengthens the Greens movement globally


1. Climate and Democracy is the global congress theme.  

2. Sessions hosted by Green Parties should be proposed by the party’s International Secretariat orCongress Contact Person.

3. Sessions to be hosted in Seoul should be proposed by a person who is a member of a Green Party and is able to take responsibility for fully producing that session.

Coming Soon!  A congress event page where these proposals can be discussed & refined.

Questions? Contact: [email protected] 

Personal Information
Session Details
Short & clear enough to understand the session purpose.
Explain the session: purpose, format, contents, how discussion will be facilitated, and intended outcomes. Capacity Building Workshops are welcome & encouraged!

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