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COP25 Webinar

An important update: COP25 will no longer be held in Chile as the President cancelled the meeting in response to the protests. Our thoughts and hopes are with the people of Chile who are fighting for a fairer and more just society. Spain offered to host COP25 and this offer has just now been accepted. It looks like the meeting will be held on the same dates it was planned for in Chile. 

The most important climate event of the year!
A Global Greens Webinar 
This webinar will explain what COP25 is all about, what we can expect from it and what we can do around the world to make sure it has as much impact as possible! We have an incredible line-up of experienced speakers from all around the world. Check out their profiles below and sign up now if you'd like to join us for this informative and fascinating conversation! 

Date - 3rd November 2019 
Time - 8p.m
Duration - 55 mins
Conference details 
  • Christine Milne (Australia) Global Greens Ambassador and Former Senator in Australian Parliament and Leader of the Australian Greens
  • Alejandro San Martin (Chile) Member of the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas and of Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde

  • Michael Bloss (Germany) Member of the European Parliament, Member of EU Parliament’s COP25 Delegation Member of the German Greens

  • Ali Abdul Bonguere (Niger) National Coordinator of Climate Network & Sustainable Development (RCD for) Niger, Energy & Environment for Rural Development (EDER) and Ambassador of Taskforce COP - Africa on Agriculture and food security.

Governments around the world are preparing for the the upcoming COP25 (2-13 Dec 2019) meeting in Chile. COP25 follows the New York Climate Summit that had mixed results - a lot of ambition but it remains to be seen if there will be concrete follow up. See good news article about the meeting here.  

If you're not able to attend the webinar but are attending COP25 please let us know as we are organising events and meetings on the ground that we'd love to invite you to.  

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