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Green Camp - ALTERNATIVES | 1-5 August, Canakkale, Turkey


This year, Green Camp will kick-off with the Green Summer School on the 1st of August. There will be theoretical and contemporary discussions about green politics with Greens from Turkey and all around the Europe at the one-day Summer School organised by Green European Foundation with the support of Green Thought Association. Then, the Green Camp will continue between 2nd and 5th August with a variety of workshops and presentations.

On the first day of the event, at the Green Summer School, we will discuss the theoretical background and transformative power of social movements which can be a catalyst or an igniting power for a great social transformation in times of systemic crises. The Summer School will cover three main topics: Woman and gender, food and agricultural systems, as well as rights of nature in a legal and social framework. The Summer School will gather academics and activists From Turkey and all over the Europe. Initial theoretical presentations will be followed by workshops covering all of the topics to provide more in-depth knowledge and a space for reflection.

The second part of the Green Camp on the following days unites peaceful, sustainable, and transformative alternatives. We will learn from past experiences to create new alternatives in both green politics and our daily lives. From communication to education, from energy and economics to democratisation and rights of nature, from dance to yoga, we will try to take a tour of alternatives…

Since 2009, Green Thought Association is a part of the global green movement and promotes green values such as sustainability, feminism, direct democracy in Turkey. Green Camp brings us together between 1 and 5 August to popularise these values.


Green Summer School: Food, Gender and Ecology Policies and Green Perspective

10.00- 11.15 The Rights of Nature and the Environmental Constitutionalism

Moderator and Introduction: Ümit Şahin(Istanbul Policy Center Climate Change Senior Specialist, Green Thought Association)

  • Rana Göksu (Lawyer, Green Thought Association)
  • Georgi Velev (SavePirin Campaign, Zelenite - Green Party of Bulgaria)


11.45-13.45 Gender Policies and Queer Ecology  

  • Moderator and Introduction: Sevil Turan (Green Thought Association)
  • Vesna Jusup (European Green Party/EGP) 
  • Beatrice White (Green European Foundation /GEF)
  • Teo Comet Kortman (Federation of Young European Greens/FYEG)


13.45-15.15 Lunch


15.15-16.30 Food Policies

  • Moderator and Introduction: Bengi Akbulut (Ecology Collective)
  • Antoine Tifine (Federation of Young European Greens/FYEG)
  • Leyla Aslan Ünlübay (Buğday Association)
  • Ayşenur Arslanoğlu (Slowfood Movement) 


16.30-18.00 Break


18.00-19.30 Parallel Workshops

Workshop 1: Fight against water crisis- Akgün İlhan 

Workshop 2: Gender Equality and Queer Ecology –Cihan Koral Malak

Workshop 3: Fair Food and Food Policies–Durukan Dudu


Thursday, August 2 - Green Camp - Day 1

· Design Workshop with Gökalp Ceylan

· Sezai Ozan Zeybek - Three Alternatives about Evolution of Democracy: What if Democracy is not the thing we thing?

· Documentary: Bad Seed

Friday, August 3 – Green Camp – Day 2

· Education Alternatives – “Another School is Possible” Association and Çamtepe Lifelong Learning School

·Rauf Kösemen – Social Good: Universe of Notions

· Şebnem Eraş Çelebi – Law and nature

· Güneşin Aydemir – The Best Alternative: Nature

· Esmeray – (Performance) “Kestirmeden Hikayeler” (Price 10 TL)

 Saturday, August 4 – Green Camp – Day 3

· Yoga with Tuba Yalçın

· Bahar Vidinlioğlu – Skinner Releasing Technique: A tool for a rediscovery of Natural Harmony

· Pınar İlkiz – Is Communication limited by Human Resource

· Sevil Turan, Oral Kaya – Wind and sun is enough four us! Local, Clean and Equitable Energy

· Alper Akyüz – Alternative NGOs and Organizational Schemes

Sunday, August 5 – Green Camp – Day 4

· Photographs, selfies…

· General Assessment of the Camp and Closing Ceremony 

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Canakkale, Turkey
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 08 to Sunday, August 5, 2018 - 18
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