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EU Election rally - Join the Green Wave!




Dear friends, 

In the lead-up to the European elections, EGP will organise a rally, titled ‘The Green Wave’, in Brussels on 13 April. The main aim is to bring together 1000 people from all over Europe. This will be our main electoral event and we hope to gather as many participants as possible to send a clear message that the Green Wave is here and we are united in our call for change. Please save the date and join us there! 

The event will be structured as a mix between politics and entertainment, starting with inspiring speeches by politicians, experts and activists, and ending in a celebratory atmosphere with a concert. It will be an energizing, engaging and festive evening, where we will enjoy performances by talented musicians - DJ Tom Barman, and the band Jaune Toujours. Our leading candidates Ska Keller and Bas Eickhout will speak at the event, along with a number of other speakers, ranging from influential political figures to courageous activists tackling some of today’s most pressing challenges. 

This is a decisive moment for Europe. This is the time we effectively fight climate change. This is the time we make our economy work for the benefit of all. This is the time we choose hope over hate and division.

We want a Europe that renews its promise. A Europe that demonstrates a way forward – where people and planet come before profit. Where women are never second to men. Where nobody’s rights are denied – where every voice is respected.

This is why we are gathering in Brussels in this important political moment. We hope you will join us there, together with your candidates for the European elections, and make your voices heard!

The event registration is open, please check the event website! Inform the members of your parties and friends.

We will provide support with logistics to help as many people as possible to attend the event, which will comprise of: 

  • Travel subsidies

We will organize transport for groups of people from several departure points in nearby countries by train and bus (prioritizing environmentally friendly options). If there is no organized group travel near you, we are also offering a limited number of individual travel reimbursements. More information is available on the event website. 

  • Accommodation suggestions

We will provide a list of possible accommodation options in Brussels on the event website. Please, make sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible to ensure you have the desired spot.  

Please stay tuned for more exciting updates about the speakers, musicians, practical arrangements and programme of the event. 

Please mark 13 April in your calendars – we look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions, please contact Antonija Parat, Campaign Event Manager, at [email protected].

Let’s act. Together!


Mar Garcia
Secretary General of the European Green Party


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Electoral Convention
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 17 to Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 21
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