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Webinar: EU Elections 2019 & Mobilising Expat Votes

The European Elections are 23-26 May 2019. This Webinar will discuss different ways to mobilise the expat vote and why it's important! 

The EU Expat Vote is a part of the Global Greens Democracy Campaign, which aims to increase Green votes among expats (people living outside their country of citizenship).  

The EU Elections are our first case study and our objective is to run these campaigns all around the world at every election! 



1. Opening: Webinar purpose and context - Keli Yen 

2. Success Story: Expat Outreach by Super Volunteers for Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand (GPANZ) - Melanie Chapman, GPANZ International Secretary

3. The EU Election Campaign - Sybren Kooistra, EGP 

4. Live Examples & Learnings on How to Mobilise Expat Outreach: 

  • Daniel Jochum - German Greens
  • Alice Hubbard - UK Greens and GYG 
  • Wendy Armour, GPEW Project Lead
  • Ricky Knight, North Devon (UK) 
  • Ken Eidel, Pinellas County (Florida, USA)


5. Next Steps as a Global Greens: 

  • Noah Hollis, GG Intern
  • Keli Yen, GG Convenor 
  • Amy Tyler, GG Executive Secretary 

Questions?  Contact Keli Yen, Global Greens Convenor, at [email protected]

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