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All News for Miljöpartiet de Gröna (Swedish Green Party)

Webinar - The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

26 September, 2018
"The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice: How can the Greens use a peace-oriented security policy to achieve a demilitarised world?" A Global Greens webinar in collaboration with Green Party United States

”Vi behöver en gemensam nordisk krisberedskap”

1 August, 2018
Green parties in Sweden, Norway & Finland call for a risk and ability assessment to collaboratively confront our shared climate change challenges. "We, leaders of three Nordic Green Parties, believe that in a situation where climate change is expected to give our countries a much warmer climate that makes our extensive pine forests more vulnerable to fires of the kind now raging, the Nordic... more

Eastern African Greens Federation (EAGF) Women's Network Meeting Speech by Thomas Kentos Bakyayita

9 April, 2018
OPENNING REMARKS BY THE EAGF PRESIDENT ON THE EAGF-WN MEETING HELD AT FAIRWAY HOTEL, KAMPALA, UGANDA ON THE 5TH APRIL 2018Dear AllMy names are Thomas Kentos Bakyayita the President EAGF and the Secretary General of the Ecological Party of Uganda.First, I would like to welcome you all in this EAGF-WN training workshop. Thanks you for your continued acceptance to allow participating and believing... more

COP23 Statement - Global Greens Parliamentarians Association

15 November, 2017
"While we await the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on the pathway to 1.5 degrees Celsius due in October 2018, it is already known that the current impact of countries achieving their targets still leaves us far from achieving the Paris Agreement's goal. The Nationally Determined Contributions must be 'ratcheted up,' as is anticipated in the Paris Agreement," said the GGPA group... more


2 April, 2017
Att förvalta haven är en ödesfråga lika stor som klimatet och kräver globalt samarbete. I helgen antog Global Greens kongress Miljöpartiet de grönas resolution om globalt arbete för att rädda haven.


9 January, 2017
Du ingår i koordinationsgruppen för Global Greens, den globala organisationen för världens gröna partier. Just nu planerar ni för Global Greens fjärde kongress som kommer att äga rum i Liverpool. Vad kommer att hända på kongressen?

En intervju med Eva Goës - Vad kommer att hända på kongressen?

6 January, 2017
En intervju med Eva Goës: Du ingår i koordinationsgruppen för Global Greens, den globala organisationen för världens gröna partier. Just nu planerar ni för Global Greens fjärde kongress som äger rum i Liverpool 2017. Vad kommer att hända på kongressen?

Two new Green Ministers in Sweden

24 May, 2016
Two new Green Ministers were appointed. Karolina Skog, until now mayor in Malmö, will be new Minister for the Environment. Peter Eriksson , presently MEP, will be Minister for Housing and Digitalisation. Newly elected Green Party Spokesperson Isabella Lövin will in addition to serving as Minister for International Development Cooperation will also become Minister for Climate and deputy Prime... more

Swedish Green Party congress elected new spokespersons

12 May, 2016
After a turbulent few weeks, with the resignation of Minister of Housing, Mehmet Kaplan, and the announced resignation of Åsa Romson, Minister for the Climate and Environment, the Swedish Green Party gathered for its annual party congress in Karlstad on May 13-15.Every second year, the Swedish Green Party holds themed congresses, and the main theme of the congress this time was global sustainable... more

Urgent Action Must Follow Paris Agreement: Statement by Green Members of Parliament

12 December, 2015
13 December 2015The Paris Agreement must be followed immediately by urgent action in emission reductions if the world is to avert dangerous climate change, said Green members of parliament on the conclusion of the UN climate change today.  Green MPs were commenting on the two documents that emerged from the UN’s COP-21 today, Saturday 13 December – the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the... more

Global Greens Parliamentary Leaders – Inaugural Meeting

11 December, 2015
GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015, GGPA Leaders group meeting - December 2015
Paris, 12 December 2015The parliamentary leaders of Green parties around the world held an historic first meeting at the UN climate conference in Paris, today.The meeting was hosted by the Global Greens Parliamentarian Association (GGPA), a group established at the Global Greens Congress in Senegal in 2012.  Leaders from six countries attended: Åsa Romson (Sweden), Caroline Lucas (UK), Didace... more

Åsa Romson facilitator for adaptation issues during climate summit

7 December, 2015
(Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty)
Yesterday evening, the French Presidency appointed Minister for Climate and the Environment Åsa Romson as facilitator for adaptation negotiations during the COP21 Climate Conference. Sweden has also been appointed EU negotiator for issues concerning financing, technology diffusion and capacity building.The Presidency's appointment as facilitator means that Ms Romson, together with Minister of... more

Sweden's fossil free development pathway

7 December, 2015
Countries in the world need new pathways for development, away from fossil carbon into renewable and fossil free future.Sweden of today is built on revenues from the steel and paper industry, but our development has not finished. Climate change is now questioning the old development pathways.Sweden is in a good position, we have nearly managed to phase out fossil energy in the sectors of heating... more

Swedish protests against the plans for a nuclear plant in Pyhäjoki (Finland)

22 October, 2015
Location planned of the Pyhäjok Nuclear Power Plant
Many Swedish citizens are very concerned about the plans for a nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki 150-300 km from the Swedish coastline, which could be built by Rosatom, the Russian Nuclear industry.The bay of Bothnia with its shallow waters is a unique and extremely sensitive and vulnerable ecosystem where only the operation of a reactor would have disastrous consequences.Although the consequences... more

Swedish Greens in Government

27 August, 2015
Since October 2014, Greens have been part of the government in Sweden for the first time ever. And they are making a difference through decisions large and small.Just to mention a few -- Investments are made in renewables There is a major investment in the youngest pupils so that they all have the chance to learn to read, write and count. In 2016 a strategy will be presented to decrease the... more

The Green Climate Fund is not a charity but an investment in our shared future

28 November, 2014
 total of $7.5bn has been pledged by the international community to the Green Climate Fund so far, with Sweden giving $580m. Photograph: AIRS/Aqua//NASA
Supporting developing countries, through the GCF, to help reduce their emissions is an essential step in international efforts to tackle climate change

Swedish Greens in government

29 October, 2014
The Swedish Green Party for the first time ever has formed government with the Social Democratic Party following the elections on 14 September. Six out of 24 ministers are Green and the Statement of Government Policy has clear Green imprints. Greens will also be part of the ruling coalition in Sweden's five major cities. Congratulations to the Swedish Greens on this exciting achievement.

African Greens stand with Swedish Greens in national elections

25 September, 2014
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As decided upon during our last congress in Madagascar, AGF sent delegates to support the Swedish Green Party in the September 14th general elections. Other delegates came from Eastern Europe and South America. All delegates arrived on Monday 8th September and recieved a welcoming dinner, the same night at one of the buildings of the Swedish Parlianment.  Green Forum's Chairman, Lars Olof Karlson... more

Miljöpartiet de Gröna climate change campaign

16 September, 2014
Waiting for results on election night, Matilde Bajan from Guatemala joined the Greens’ climate action: "The situation is urgent for countries to curb global temperature increase.", Let coal be! Supporting a clean energy revolution, , Advocating for bicycle and sustainable transport
The Swedish Green Party, Miljöpartiet de Gröna, is expected to join the new national government in Sweden for the first time after this week’s election. After previous Green successes, including a carbon tax, their 2014 election campaign featured a strong focus on global warming, including major announcements, local stunts and cooperation with German Greens to stop Swedish coal mining in Germany... more

The 1999 European Elections - another breakthrough for the Greens

31 December, 2007
By Thomas Dietz Twenty years ago, in June 1979, the first elections to the European parliament were held. The results for the few, at that time only loosely organised green lists contesting the elections were already considerable, but not good enough to send any representatives to the European Parliament. Ten years later the greens could achieve an almost sensational breakthrough. In 1999, they... more

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