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Australia's First Aboriginal woman Elected to the Victorian Parliament!

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On November 18, 2017, Lidia Thorpe became the first Aboriginal woman ever to be elected to parliament in Victoria. Australia’s newest Green MP for Northcote was elected during recent by-elections, which resulted in a significant swing (11%) from a formerly Labor government.

Her election campaign involved grassroots engagement, ranging from door-to-door and phone canvassing to meeting people in community spaces and events. A businesswoman, mother, and grassroots activist with a long history of community campaigning, starting with a successful bid to stop the Eastern Gas Pipeline being built across the gorge near the Aboriginal community of Lake Tyers, in Ms. Thorpe’s own words: “I want to be a person who is connected to their electorate, from the grassroots level, and ensure that the people of Northcote are heard in parliament about what matters to us as a community”.

She is dedicated to addressing issues including the environment, Aboriginal peoples’ rights, social housing, education, and public transportation. Congratulations to Ms. Thorpe from Greens women worldwide!


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