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Anita Nautiyal & Sunita Narain
By Suresh Nautiyal, Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) & Green Forum India (GFI), New Delhi, July 11, 2016 “We are becoming a wasteful society, said Ms. Sunita Narain, Director-General Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi India while speaking at the book release ceremony for Not in My Backyard, co-authored by her along with Swati Singh Sambyal at India Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi. Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu, a central Indian minister, officially released the book. Mr. Naidu also... Leer más
By: Monika Vana. Published by the Green European Foundation   No doubt: gender plays a critical role in politics in general and for the Greens in particular. But why is gender important in Green Campaigns and what impact has gender on voting patterns? This article takes up several arguments and elements for gender-sensitive green campaigns, bringing examples for the impact of gender in recent elections – especially from the Austrian Greens, who conducted several surveys – and provides a... Leer más
Créée avant la décentralisation, la décharge de Noumoubougou menace, aujourd’hui, la santé des populations riveraines et l’environnement de la Commune Rurale de Tienfala. Dirigée par un maire écologiste, cette commune a engagé un bras de fer avec l’Etat Malien pour la fermeture de ladite décharge. «Depuis 2004, nous nous battons par tous les moyens pour obtenir la fermeture de la décharge de Noumoubougou afin de préserver la santé de nos populations, d’éviter la contamination de la nappe... Leer más
Senator Lee Rhiannon
Greens International Aid and Development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon will host a delegation from the Asia Pacific Greens (APG) study tour at her office this evening. The delegation is made up of 22 delegates from 11 countries: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Lebanon. The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation is a federation of national Green parties from countries in Asia and Oceania, as well as other social and... Leer más
La situación planteada en la última semana en el Congreso de la hermana República de Brasil amerita un pronunciamiento de los partidos y organizaciones democráticas de América Latina y de los distintos gobiernos de la región. En un proceso político sui generis denominado impeachment , la Cámara de Diputados y el Senado de la República decidieron separar de su cargo a la presidenta Dilma Rousseff por el término de 180 días e iniciarle un juicio que busca su destitución e... Leer más
Hace 15 años, en Abril de 2001, tuvo lugar un inesperado acontecimiento en Canberra, Australia, que habría de cambiar la escena de las organizaciones políticas internacionales. Sin mucho ruido ni despertar demasiado el interés de los grandes órganos de prensa, fueron llegando un numero importante delegaciones ecologistas a la capital australiana desde las direcciones más diversas del globo. Ello tanto de países africanos, como del sud y del norte de América, de los países europeos así como... Leer más
15 years ago, in April 2001, an unexpected event took place in Canberra, Australia, that would change the scene of international political organisations. Without much noise or awakening of the interest of major press organisations, a significant number of environmentalists travelled to the Australian capital from the varied reaches of Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia. They came with a single objective: to found a global green movement that brings together all the Green parties and... Leer más
Visit with NSW MP Jenny Leong
There's nothing quite like getting together with Greens from 11 different countries across the Asia Pacific region to remind you that you're part of a global movement. During May, 22 delegates from Green parties across Asia Pacific spent 10 days in Sydney and the sub-tropical north of the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The delegates were learning first hand from the Australian and NSW Greens on our own experiences over the past 30 years. Our exchanges amongst the 12 men and 10... Leer más
The West African Greens Federation, with support from the Belgian Groen solidarity fund, trained party leaders on the conduct of election campaigns and Green ideology in Bamako, Mali, between 27th-29th May 2016. Leer más
The West African Greens Federation, with support from the Belgian Groen solidarity fund, trained party leaders on the conduct of election campaigns and Green ideology in Bamako, Mali, between 27th-29th May 2016. Leer más
The Global Greens is looking to recruit a "Communicator" who will be responsible for the development, coordination and execution of the Global Greens (GG) internal and external communications work in general and in particular communications promoting the Greens 2017 Congress. Leer más
Australia's Great Barrier Reef - threatened (Kyle Taylor)
Six months on from the historic Paris Climate Agreement and leading into the Global Greens Congress in 2017, we must redouble our efforts to have any hope of limiting global warming to anywhere near 1.5 degrees. April 2016 was the hottest April ever by a long way and the 12th consecutive month of record warmth for the Earth. Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have broken through the symbolic 400 ppm level --  perhaps permanently -- and the world is seeing more extreme weather, droughts,... Leer más
 Question on the Paris Climate Change Agreement 02.06.16: Transcript: Paris Climate Change Agreement—Presentation of Parliament9. Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green) to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: Does the Government intend to present the Paris Climate Change Agreement to Parliament and ratify it before the end of 2016? Hon Dr NICK SMITH (Minister for the Environment) on behalf of the Minister for Climate Change Issues: New Zealand was a signatory to the Paris Agreement on the very first day... Leer más
Two new Green Ministers were appointed. Karolina Skog, until now mayor in Malmö, will be new Minister for the Environment. Peter Eriksson , presently MEP, will be Minister for Housing and Digitalisation. Newly elected Green Party Spokesperson Isabella Lövin will in addition to serving as Minister for International Development Cooperation will also become Minister for Climate and deputy Prime Minister. Leer más
The Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN) is active and running! While we await the Global Greens and European Green Party joint Congress in Liverpool 2017, to be able to meet in person, we are busy working on Women's Academy webinars and launching a GGWN Mentorship Programme. Leer más
受訪者: 李根政, 台灣綠黨的前共同召集人(資料照,顏麟宇攝)
In 2012 the Greens received nearly 230,000 votes (1.74%), and this year the Green Party and the Social Democratic Union coalition received 308,000 votes (2.53%). Although there is growth, we were still unable to cross the party vote threshold of 3.5% and the non-constituency (list) threshold of 5%. Pre-election polls had indicated that we could break through, but in the end there was a significant gap between our expectations and the election results. Taiwan's presidential elections this year... Leer más
GGWN logo
The Global Greens Women's Network held its first webinar on 16 April. If you missed hearing it live, listen to the presentations now.Click here to listen, and the transcript is copied below.Our wonderful speakers from around the world are:Metiria Turei - Member of the New Zealand Parliament and co-leader of the Green PartyMaria Wetterstrand - Former spokesperson for 9 years in Sweden, former Member of ParliamentJulia Duppre - Former Parliamentary Candidate for Rio de Janeiro in BrazilRobinah K... Leer más
“We congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen, the citizens of Austria and the EU with the outcome of the presidential election. It will probably be remembered as one of the closest Europe has ever seen. And it comes with a decisive symbolic message for the wider European public: Europe’s values and our shared republican and democratic goals can be defended against insurgent right-wing populism," declared Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni, Co-Chairs of the European Green Party.  Alexander van... Leer más



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