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The Rwandan Government, through the Rwanda Governance Board, the body that registers political parties, negatively responded to the opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s demands for political and electoral reforms. The opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda had submitted its demands for political and electoral reforms to the Rwandan Prime Minister on 19th April 2016, this was after a failed attempt to the Rwandan Parliament on 20th February 2016 and to the National Electoral... Leer más
Le bureaux du Parti Ecologiste Congolais (PECO)
La Fédération des Verts Africains condamne dans les termes les plus forts l’attaque barbare contre les bureaux de  l’un des partis membres notamment le Parti Ecologiste Congolais- Les Verts- dirigé par l’Honorable Didace Pembe Bokiaga. Brûler les bureaux du PECO est un acte lâche dans le 21e siècle, les partis politiques doivent résoudre leurs différends politiques et les autres problèmes par le dialogue et les moyens non violents. La violence engendre la violence et ne résout aucun problème,... Leer más
Korean Greens and the Green Party of the United States published a joint statement on Monday, Sept. 19 against deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in South Korea. Leer más
DGPR Conducted a Leadership Training in Rwamagana District and Established Party Structures Jean Claude Ntezimana, DGPR Secretary General The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) is pleased to inform members of the media and the general public that it successfully conducted a leadership training for party members in Rwamagana District and established party structures.  The trainings were conducted between 3rd -11th September 2016, with support from the National Consultative Forum of... Leer más
For the past decades building sustainable peace in Africa has proven to be a nightmare .The continent is faced with many challenges that pose a real threat to peaceful environment. .These challenges take different forms - civil, ethnic, religious, armed conflicts, high military expenditure; poor resource governance; fragile democracies; migration and refugees; climate change as well as poverty and diseases. Events in Great Lakes region of Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo, Central African Republic, Libya... Leer más
You are invited to the first Spanish language Global Greens webinar! (Spanish translation)Date: Saturday, 1 October 2016Time: UTC 13:00 (Verify your local time conversions here)Caracas, Venezuela09:00amMadrid & Brussels15:00Beirut, Lebanon16:00Tokyo, Japan22:00Canberra, Australia23:00Registration for free!Topic of Discussion: This webinar will discuss strategies for financing sustainable development, particularly for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and transitioning to a low... Leer más
Presidente de la Alianza Verde califica como absurda y como una interrupción a la democracia destitución de Presidenta Dilma Rouseef. Así lo hizo saber el presidente de los verdes Antonio Sanguino, tras conocerse la noticia de la salida de la mandataria brasileña. “Es una decisión absurda, que el Senado brasileño destituyera con 61 contra 20 votos a la legítima presidenta Dilma Rousseff”. “Este no es el resultado final de un juicio político imparcial, es la venganza de unas instancias... Leer más
President of the Green Alliance of Colombia qualifies the ouster of President Dilma Rouseef as absurd and as an interruption to democracy. This was stated by Mr. Antonio Sanguino, president of the Green Party of Colombia, after news of the departure of the Brazilian president. "It is an absurd decision that the Brazilian Senate depose with 20 votes to 61 against the legitimate President Dilma Rousseff." "This is not the end result of a fair political judgment, is the revenge of a corrupt... Leer más
The Global and European Greens Congress "Greens 2017" is getting organised! Registration will open in September, so watch this space: Mark your calendars for 30 March - 2 April 2017 to reserve these dates to attend the congress in Liverpool, UK. Visas to the UK can be challenging - information about preparing well in advance!  If you have any questions, you can ask your Green Party's International Secretary, or contact the congress organisers. Leer más
Après Bamako en mai, Alger en juillet, c’est au tour de Maurice d’accueillir en août 2016 une rencontre régionale de la Fédération des Verts d’Afrique (FeVA). La rencontre d’Alger tenue du 28 au 31 juillet a, pour sa part regroupé les partis membres de la Fédération nord africaine des Verts, des représentants de la FeVA, la Coordonatrice du Global Greens sous le signe d’échanges et de partage d’expériences avec des experts Algériens du développement durable. La rencontre s’est aussi penché sur... Leer más
Rencontre des Verts à Alger :Une tribune d’échanges entre experts et responsables écologistesAprès Bamako en mai, Alger en juillet, c’est au tour de Maurice d’accueillir  en août 2016 une rencontre régionale de la Fédération des Verts d’Afrique (FeVA). La rencontre d’Alger tenue du 28 au 31 juillet a, pour sa part regroupé les partis membres de la Fédération nord africaine des Verts, des représentants de la FeVA, la Coordonatrice du Global Greens sous le signe d’échanges et de partage d’... Leer más
Green Party Canada (GPC) held its 2016 convention in Ottawa 4-7 August.  The program included an opening by Elizabeth May, Party Leader and MP, European Green Party Representative and Belgium MP Evelyne Huytebroeck, New Zealand Green Party Leader and MP James Shaw, and Federal Council President Ken Melamed, Bill McKibben keynote, a reflective and cathartic "laugh and cry together as we relive the trials and tribulations of 2015" evening, and workshops on a variety of resolutions includeing ... Leer más
Créé en Mai 2010, Le PGVM en plus de ses instances nationales et locales dispose d’une organisation de jeunesse et de deux fondations dont celle de la femme verte. De même, il bénéficie d’une représentation au niveau des organes de la direction de centrales syndicales (La Fédération Démocratique du Travail et l’Organisation Démocratique du Travail). Le parti a participé aux élections législatives pour la première fois en novembre 2011 et à couvert le tiers des circonscriptions et a obtenu plus... Leer más
Emily S. Chambers Photography
The Green Party United States' (GPUS) Convention was held in Houston, Texas on 4-7 August - I attended to learn about US politics, the GPUS, and to brainstorm ways for GPUS & the Global Greens community to support one another. The convention was an impressive experience and there is much that Green parties globally can benefit learning from the GPUS! Leer más
During the APGF's 2016 Study Tour in Sydney, Australia, each APGF member-party provides a 15- 20 minute presentation on their party, the country and its socio-political and economic environment followed by 10 minute Q&A session. The objective was to adapt learnings for use in our own countries and to share experiences so as other members of the Study Tour would learn from what other parties in their countries have done politically. Here are their reports. Leer más
The APGF Women's Network encourages gender balanced representation and decision making, and works to accelerate the pace of change needed to see more women in positions of political leadership our region. Leer más
Les partis verts du Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambie, Zimbabwe et Maurice, pays hôte, ont tenu une réunion de la Région Sud de la Fédération des Verts Africains après la formation sur les campagnes électorales au Maurice. La réunion a discuté des questions de la démocratie en leurs pays et les moyens identifiés pour surmonter les défis, comprenant: les alliances politiques, le financement des campagnes électorales des partis politiques, les médias et la liberté d’expression, et la réforme de la... Leer más
Green Parties from Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mauritius, the host country, held a meeting of the southern region of the African Greens Federation (AGF) following the election campaign in Mauritius. Topics discussed include: democracy and the means to overcome challenges, such as forming political alliances, financing electoral campaigns, the media and the freedom of expression, and electoral system reform. Congratulations to the election of a new committee of AGF Southern... Leer más
Venezuela is experiencing a social, political and environmental crisis. The political crisis in which we currently live is a scenario of contamination of the free exercise of democracy has been contaminated and criminalisation of peaceful protests. During the 17 years of Chávez & Maduro government, they have taken control of the state's powers of executive, legislative, judicial and electoral to the point of eliminating public funding for political parties and the representation of... Leer más


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