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Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas

12% of all waste in Mexico is plastic

Reports from organizations like Global Ocean Commission, United Nations, and Greenpeace have been alerting of an acute augmentation of global plastic products production. The Global Ocean Commission publication established that global plastic production could reach up to 500 millions tons in 2020. The Mexican National Association of Plastics Industries informed that in Mexico 12 % of waste is plastic, more than 10 thousand tons every day.


Brazilian Green Party Concerned About Government Direction

The Brazilian Green Party demonstrates enormous concern on the current direction of the Federal Government. The government’s agendas fail to address  the important issues of climate crisis, sustainability, respect to democratic freedom and social justice.


Amendment to 2.1. USA-Mexico Border Wall (United States)

  • First Name: Ahmed
  • Last Name: Eltouny
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Country: United States
  • Party: Green Party US

USA-Mexico Border Wall


Green Party of Canada condemns decision to bar European Green MP José Bové from entry to Canada

(OTTAWA) October 12, 2016 - The Green Party of Canada is condemning a decision by Canada Border Services Agency to bar Green European Parliament MP José Bové from entering Canada Tuesday night.

Despite having a valid visa, Bové was denied entry to Canada at Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport for historical convictions for civil disobedience in France.


Presidente de la Alianza Verde califica como absurda y como una interrupción a la democracia destitución de Presidenta Dilma Rouseef.

Presidente de la Alianza Verde califica como absurda y como una interrupción a la democracia destitución de Presidenta Dilma Rouseef.

Así lo hizo saber el presidente de los verdes Antonio Sanguino, tras conocerse la noticia de la salida de la mandataria brasileña.

“Es una decisión absurda, que el Senado brasileño destituyera con 61 contra 20 votos a la legítima presidenta Dilma Rousseff”.


President of the Alianza Verde of Colombia calls ouster of President Dilma Rouseef absurd

President of the Green Alliance of Colombia qualifies the ouster of President Dilma Rouseef as absurd and as an interruption to democracy.

This was stated by Mr. Antonio Sanguino, president of the Green Party of Colombia, after news of the departure of the Brazilian president.

"It is an absurd decision that the Brazilian Senate depose with 20 votes to 61 against the legitimate President Dilma Rousseff."


Green Party Canada Convention 2016

Green Party Canada (GPC) held its 2016 convention in Ottawa 4-7 August.


Green Party United States' Convention 2016

The Green Party United States' (GPUS) Convention was held in Houston, Texas on 4-7 August - I attended to learn about US politics, the GPUS, and to brainstorm ways for GPUS & the Global Greens community to support one another. The convention was an impressive experience and there is much that Green parties globally can benefit learning from the GPUS!

Manifesto on the Venezuelan Situation

Venezuela is experiencing a social, political and environmental crisis. The political crisis in which we currently live is a scenario of contamination of the free exercise of democracy has been contaminated and criminalisation of peaceful protests. During the 17 years of Chávez & Maduro government, they have taken control of the state's powers of executive, legislative, judicial and electoral to the point of eliminating public funding for political parties and the representation of minorities, to minise organised opposition to the government. The Green Party in Venezuela petitions Greens around the world to help by...



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