Brazilian Green Party denounces Brazilian State in international court for crimes against humanity

11 August, 2020
The Brazilian Green Party affirms that the poor conduct of the Bolsonaro administration vis-à-vis COVID-19, which has already killed 100,000 people, is a serious violation of international human rights agreements. Leer más

Green Party of Lebanon statement about Beirut Port Explosion / حزب الخضر : ان الاوان لمحاسبة الفاسدين والمقصرين والمستهترين بارواح اللبنانيين

9 August, 2020
The Green Party of Lebanon’s statement about the Beirut Port explosion on 4 August 2020: وطنية - اعتبر حزب الخضر اللبناني في بيان ان "الإنفجار الذي حصل في مرفا بيروت و حصد المئات من الجرحى والآلاف من الضحايا والمفقودين وألحق دمار كليا وجزئيا في الممتلكات العامة والأبنية والمنازل والمؤسسات في بيروت ومحيطها وحرم الكثيرين من جنى العمر، وكذلك العاملين في مرفا بيروت والشركات المحيطه وأدى الى تلويث للهواء بالدخان السام الذي خلفه الحريق والانفجار كل ذالك نتيجة الاهمال والاستهتار بسلامة اللبنانيين وسؤ الادارة والفساد وعدم مراعاة شروط السلامة العامة هذا كله جعل العاصمة بيروت Leer más

A global, green statement for COP26

21 July, 2020
The 100 Green Parties around the world are perhaps the most diverse and yet united political movement in the world and we want that movement, our movement, to speak with one strong voice at COP. So, the Green Party of England and Wales is looking to create a short statement of aims to challenge the COP and all the national delegations. We are looking for the top five things that are important to your Party and that you want to see in that statement. We have put together a very short survey to collect ideas: Leer más

Green Parties working to advance LGBT rights worldwide!

21 July, 2020
The recent United States of America Supreme Court decision in Bostock v Clayton County, which held that an employer who fires an individual for being gay or transgender violates the equal employment opportunity provisions in the Civil Rights Act, has drawn attention to anti-discrimination protects for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) throughout the globe. In those countries that do not have comprehensive anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people, green parties are working to advance LGBT rights. Author | Sean Mulcahy, Former Global Greens LGBT+ Network Co-Convenor Leer más

Nuestras condolencias por la muerte de Alfredo Silkis, fundador del Partido Verde de Brasil.

14 July, 2020
El ecologismo perdió el viernes pasado (10/7) uno de sus nombres más importantes. Alfredo Sirkis comenzó su trajetoria en la lucha contra la dictadura militar. A su regreso del exilio, Sirkis fue uno de los fundadores del Partido Verde en 1987. Leer más

Global Greens Congress new date - January 2022!

5 July, 2020
The joint Global Greens 5th Congress & Asia Pacific Greens Federation 4th Congress has a new date: January 2022! Leer más

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