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Election Support

The Global Greens is a platform for Green political parties and movements to support one another in actualising our shared values & Charter from the grassroots to global levels.  

The GG organisation and secretariat work to enhance the mutual support among Green parties.  We do this by facilitating communication, consensus and collaboration.

Green parties are actively contesting elections every month (see upcoming events!). 

Here are some ways in which the Global Greens organisation can facilitate support for your party during for your upcoming elections:


Mobilise Your Voters Abroad

Connect and communicate with your party's current and potential voters living outside your country.  The Members of the Global Greens can work together to help you campaign to people living in their country who are eligible to vote in your elections, and the Global Greens can help to coordinate this cooperation.  Activities could include:

  • organising meetups of your voters who live in the same city, 
  • helping your party to establish an overseas branch to engage this community in an ongoing basis, 
  • sharing information among Green parties so that we can know which current party members have the right to vote in other countries, and 
  • we are interested to know what other ways you'd like to engage your voters abroad!

Host a Webinar

Convene an online seminar on a topic of relevance for your party members, candidates, constituents, etc.  Invite members of the Global Greens community to speak about their experience on topics such as Green political campaigning, policy, communications, organisational development, etc.  A Global Greens webinar can be publicised to the GGs network, use the GG logo, and use the GG webinar platform if you wish.  Webinar requests can be made here.

Consult a Green expert

Have questions on specific policy issues?  The Global Greens can get you in contact with Greens who have expertise on the subject so that you can discuss the issues at a deeper level and access diverse knowledge from around the globe.

Promote on GG Social Media

Want to get a message across to as broad a group of Greens around the world as possible?  The Global Greens communications channels are made for that purpose: FacebookTwitter and our mailing list subscribers.

Crowdfund Your Projects

Invite the Global Greens community to support your project.  Here are the current GG crowdfunding projects.

Video messages of support

Solidarity messages from the GG Ambassador or other members of the GGs can be made for your party.  Here are previous GG Solidarity Messages.

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