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Global Greens Donations Policy

The Global Greens depend on donations for a significant part of their income.  The only other income sources are registration fees for the Global Greens Congress and the recently instituted membership fees.  We should welcome and actively seek donations, and adopt a donations policy that is reasonably consistent with the practices of Greens around the world.

The Global Greens is not a political party and therefore is generally not bound by the electoral rules of individual countries.  However, depending on the country where the donation fund is held (likely to be the US, Sweden or Australia) some local electoral rules may apply.  For example, in Australia donations above a threshold amount have to be disclosed if the receiving organization is an ‘associated entity’ of a political party.

This policy applies to donations, in-kind contributions, sponsorships and the like.


The Global Greens welcome donations, as well as in kind contributions, to support our work.

We will seek to ensure that donations are not accepted from sources whose actions and values are inconsistent with the principles of the Global Greens Charter.

We will maintain and periodically publish a list of significant donations.

The Global Greens Coordination will be responsible for determining how donations are spent.  Donors may express a preference but not determine the use.

Global Greens donations will be used to support the work of the Global Greens and its member federations.  They may also be used to support the development of member parties and political movements but will not be used for direct election campaigning.


The Global Greens Coordination is responsible for ensuring that the donation principles are implemented. This includes:

  • establishing criteria for ‘significant donations’;
  • setting up a screening mechanism for any donations that may need review;
  • regularly publishing lists of significant donations;
  • establishing a list of unacceptable donation sources.

In implementing this policy,

  • it is likely that donations will be accepted from individuals and small companies;
  • donations from large companies will be accepted only if the company as a whole meets the criteria;
  • unacceptable donation sources will include industries such as nuclear, fossil fuel, tobacco, arms manufacturing and the like.

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