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A Sustainable Economic System



 1. Realising that the current belief in continuous economic growth has been shown to

  • be a basic threat to the Earth’s ecosystem;
  • cause a widening of the gap between rich and poor nations; and
  • cause an increased gap between rich and poor within each country.

 2. Noting that

  • the world has ever-increasing human and technical resources;
  • people of the world deserve a better future; and
  • governments have the power to work for a sustainable future.

 3. The Global Greens Congress urges Greens throughout the world to:

  • work for valuing of Nature;
  • work for growth in quality of life rather than economic growth;
  • promote the use of human and technical resources to create a sustainable world; and
  • promote the use of economic tools like
    - taxes on pollution including a carbon tax;
    - Tobin tax on international currency transactions with revenue used for environmental reforms; and
    - progressive taxation systems. 



Realizing that we as Greens need to work out proposals for a global green economy that is sustainable for the North as well as for the South:

  1.  We call on all Green Parties to structurally debate on a global green economy, including by setting up a Green Economy Network through the Global Greens.


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