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”Vi behöver en gemensam nordisk krisberedskap”

Green parties in Sweden, Norway & Finland call for a risk and ability assessment to collaboratively confront our shared climate change challenges. "We, leaders of three Nordic Green Parties, believe that in a situation where climate change is expected to give our countries a much warmer climate that makes our extensive pine forests more vulnerable to fires of the kind now raging, the Nordic countries need to develop their common ability to create and maintain a robust and sustainable society, even in extreme weather conditions... Green parties in government will work for fossil freedom as quickly as possible. The climate cannot wait."

Miljöpartiet de Gröna (Swedish Green Party)



Miljöpartiets klimatfärdplan –

så ska vi leva upp till Parisavtalet

Nu har vi presenterat en klimatfärdplan med 142 åtgärder som ska göra så att Sverige lever upp till Parisavtalet. Vi utmanar övriga partier att matcha oss!

Greens2017 Key Note Speech: Isabella Lövin


Dear friends,

I´m so happy to be here, among friends, in the global family of Greens.

However I have to tell you that all the Swedish Greens today are in mourning. Yesterday we received the horrible news that Zaida Catalan, former spokesperson of young Swedish Greens, lost her life in Congo Kinshasa where she worked for the UN, investigating human rights abuses and war crimes.

Greens2017 Bill McKibben Video Message

A video message from environmentalist Bill McKibben to the #Greens2017 Congress in Liverpool.

The world must be united in its fight against climate change, and the Greens in Europe are doing all we can to divest from the fossil fuels that are burning the planet.


Du ingår i koordinationsgruppen för Global Greens, den globala organisationen för världens gröna partier. Just nu planerar ni för Global Greens fjärde kongress som kommer att äga rum i Liverpool. Vad kommer att hända på kongressen?

En intervju med Eva Goës - Vad kommer att hända på kongressen?

En intervju med Eva Goës: Du ingår i koordinationsgruppen för Global Greens, den globala organisationen för världens gröna partier. Just nu planerar ni för Global Greens fjärde kongress som äger rum i Liverpool 2017. Vad kommer att hända på kongressen?

Two new Green Ministers in Sweden

Two new Green Ministers were appointed. Karolina Skog, until now mayor in Malmö, will be new Minister for the Environment. Peter Eriksson , presently MEP, will be Minister for Housing and Digitalisation. Newly elected Green Party Spokesperson Isabella Lövin will in addition to serving as Minister for International Development Cooperation will also become Minister for Climate and deputy Prime Minister.

Swedish Green Party congress elected new spokespersons

After a turbulent few weeks, with the resignation of Minister of Housing, Mehmet Kaplan, and the announced resignation of Åsa Romson, Minister for the Climate and Environment, the Swedish Green Party gathered for its annual party congress in Karlstad on May 13-15.

Every second year, the Swedish Green Party holds themed congresses, and the main theme of the congress this time was global sustainable development, with a resolution being passed on the issue. A resolution on urban development was also adopted.


Åsa Romson facilitator for adaptation issues during climate summit

Yesterday evening, the French Presidency appointed Minister for Climate and the Environment Åsa Romson as facilitator for adaptation negotiations during the COP21 Climate Conference. Sweden has also been appointed EU negotiator for issues concerning financing, technology diffusion and capacity building.


Sweden's fossil free development pathway

Countries in the world need new pathways for development, away from fossil carbon into renewable and fossil free future.

Sweden of today is built on revenues from the steel and paper industry, but our development has not finished. Climate change is now questioning the old development pathways.

Sweden is in a good position, we have nearly managed to phase out fossil energy in the sectors of heating and electricity. Our carbon emission accounted for in the Kyoto protocol shows 5,5 ton per capita, less than China of today. A carbon tax has been instrumental to make this happen.



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