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The Polish Green Party joins the Civic Coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland

Polish Green Party has decided to join the Civic Coalition as the fourth coalition partner, ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland. As European Greens we welcome this news and congratulate our partners in Poland. There is a number of reasons why this is a very encouraging announcement indeed.

Partia Zieloni (Green Party Poland)


Campaign: Help Save Poland's Białowieża Forest!

The last remaining primeval forest in Europe is under threat! 

Illegal logging by the Polish government has led to almost 180,000 trees being cut down this year in the Unesco-protected Białowieża forest.

The European Court of Justice has issued a landmark ruling that Poland must stop the logging immediately. But the destruction has not ceased. It's time to act!

A discussion with the Polish Greens on abortion and women’s rights

The Greens are one of the main members of the “Ratujmy Kobiety” (rescue women) committee that gathered over 215,000 signatures for the liberalisation of the abortion law. When the Polish Parliament decided to proceed with the “Stop abortion” project and reject the liberalisation project “Ratujmy Kobiety”, black protests started in Poland. This was the first time in modern Polish history that hundreds of thousands of Poles protested on the streets to protect women’s rights. The Greens took part in the main protests and demonstrations. Right now they continue fighting for the liberalisation of an abortion law and are co-organising the second “Polish women on strike” protest (second black Monday). In this article, Małgorzata Tracz, the co-chair of the Green Party of Poland, shares her experience of Poland's "black protest" to defend women’s rights with us.

COP19: Long Way to Go

After two weeks of intensive negotiations, the COP 19 Warsaw climate summit came to an end on Saturday. While an agreement on the three main agenda points - the roadmap to Paris for a new binding climate agreement, financing, and a decision to create a mechanism for 'loss and damage' - have been reached, the negotiations have shown a clear rift between countries of the developing world and the so called industrialised states. The results are certainly below the expectations.

COP19: World Needs Energy Efficiency Offensive and More Ambitious CO2 Reduction Targets

Policy makers and campaigners have gathered in Warsaw for the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP) on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change while the International Energy Agency published some pertinent recommendations for more energy efficiency.


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